News From the CNMI

March 26, 2008

Smuggled Illegals

The Pacific Daily News reports that a boat was beached on the reef near Urunao Beach in Guam carrying a cargo of smuggled illegals yesterday morning. The Guam police picked up 8 people "of Asian descent" who are in Naval custody after being apprehended at the naval base. Others were said to have been on the boat.

Boats of smuggled aliens from Saipan have been landing in Guam for years. Recently a Filipino national was sentenced for piloting a boat in June 2007 with 11 Chinese nationals to enter Guam. In exchange, for bringing them to Guam, he was to receive the boat as payment. He was repatriated to the Philippines and cannot return to the CNMI.

Appeals at Labor - Check the Papers

The Marianas Variety reports that there is a flood of labor case appeals at the Department of Labor. Guest workers who are appealing cases should be made aware that they are not being served with notices of their hearings. The article states:

"Cody said they have already started announcing the names of the workers scheduled to appear for the hearing on denial appeals, and they will continue to make similar announcements every week.

Employees who have filed appeals with Labor should check the newspapers every Monday to see if they are among those scheduled for the Thursday hearing, Cody said."