6 Victims of Illegal Recruitment -Homeless, Jobless

April 23, 2008

The Marianas Variety reports that 6 men were recruited illegally from the Philippines by different agents for Yolanda Umbay Alfante allegedly is owner of Kulits formerly known as Island Delights on Beach Road. The men were "working" in restaurant when they were arrested on April 14th by the CNMI Department of Labor.

Six of the 12 victims recruited are now living on Saipan and are homeless, jobless and without money. According to the story:

"They said 36 of them applied for work here on Saipan, but only 12 were “hired.”

They were promised a salary of $3.55 per hour.

All 12 of them entered Saipan as “tourists” sponsored by Vicente M. Sablan.

Six of them have already left the island without getting a job.

Oandasan arrived here on March 28 and is supposed to be employed as a roomboy and farm worker.

He was recruited by Carolyn Ormita and he paid Alfante 89,000 pesos, or $2,170, for his processing fee and fare. He also paid for his own medical examination amounting to 3,500 pesos, or $85.

The minimum wage in Metro Manila is around a dollar per hour.

Oandasan said all of their “transactions” were made at Alfante’s house in Pasay City, Metro Manila. "

The men paid about $2,000 in fees for the non-exist job. Recruitment scams have been documented since the early 1990's. Hopefully, the federal immigration system will work with host countries to prevent further scams that have a devastating affect on the victims and their families.


Saipan Writer said...

If it's human trafficking, they can seek T Visas.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the comment, you are right!

Anonymous said...

Human traficcking still existing!
The Phil. Consulate must help this victims.
Thank you Ms. Doromal for posting this. We hope US CONGRESS wiil take action on this.
We appeal for the immediate enactment of CNMI FEDERALIZATION BILLS!

Anonymous said...

It's not human trafficking, since there's no forced labor. It's human smuggling. And smuggling is not one of the crimes you can get a U Visa for, either. They may be able to get deferred removal from the AG.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the clarification!