A Message From A Guest Worker

April 5, 2008

Dear Wendy,

Yesterday at the prayer rally, I felt sad that the people behind this division made the contract workers that were united since the start of the battle parted in different directions. I walked around to hear people's side but they were confused of so many lies that other's keep feeding them. The greediness of some people manipulating the system keeps these tired and confused contract workers on a sad journey. I was so impressed how Jerry and the group keep the crowd praying and singing.

I closed my eyes and prayed that God will give wisdom to all the people who were there and especially to those who did not attend. May God's love be with all of the contract workers and may we not forgot what are our dreams for ourselves and our fellow kababayans and the rest of the oppressed contract workers.

Please set aside our pride for our common utmost goal, prayer and hope, for you as leaders of the group you represent, are the strength we need in the dreams that we are almost be celebrating. Be united for each other, sit down and make amends, because at the end of the road we will about to go I prayed and hope embracing each and one of you there. Just remember we are all Filipinos and soon we will still go back to our homeland, and be proud that we made a difference to our fellow kababayans.

My prayers goes to everyone and may God bless us with his unconditional love.


Maria dela Cruz


...just got lost and lucky.... said...

i speak for myself, and I say, what made the prayer vigil's low attendance is because of a poor preparation, planning and coordination among influential leaders of guest workers. The Unity march wasn't spearheaded by just one or two persons/leaders... It wasn't planned for just a week or two... The Unity march have drawn thousands of individual from our community because it was WELL PLANNED AND COORDINATED. And various leaders and organizations have Consolidated to form a TEAM. THE UNITY GROUP!!! and each teamplayer had their own function. The prayer vigil was planned and decided by Gerry and his group without coordinating and consolidating with the UNITY GROUP.

Sometimes we need to be a teamplayer to achieve our GOALS... That made the UNITY March a success....

Ron Hodges said...

Jerry had a very nice prayer service. There was no attempt to match the Unity March numbers. It was organized late with no fund raising...still, it was a prayer service.

The things being written about Jerry and I on Middle Road blog are disgraceful and everyone who reads them knows the weak, cowardly, and distrurbed individuals writing them.

That is very sad.

Site Administrator said...

Reporter Raianne Pangelinan=-Brown explained the purpose of the vigil in an article in Saturday's Saipan Tribune. It was for people to come together and accept each other even though they have differing views. There was no other agenda that I was told about. I was also told that the entire event was uplifting and all about acceptance, reconciliation, unity, and learning to work as team even though every member has differing opinions.

Here is what Rianne wrote:

By Rianne Pangelinan-Brown
To further show their support for federalization of the CNMI's immigration system, the Human Dignity Movement is leading a prayer vigil this afternoon at the American Memorial Park from 5pm to 8pm.

According to Human Dignity president Jerry Custodio, “Our struggle for justice, social, and political rights has long been a long one. We hope we are nearing the end.

“Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa! [If we will not act, who will? If not now, when?],” Custodio said.

The event, which is also supported by other guest worker organizations, is encouraging all guest workers-Filipinos, Chinese, Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Koreans, Japanese, Canadians, Sri Lankan, and others; concerned local residents, and business owners to participate and show full support for the vigil

The event is expected to feature prayers and inspirational messages by speakers ranging from Custodio, Korean Association Simon Sin, and Human Dignity Movement official Rene Reyes, to Bangladeshi Community member Mansural Alam, Ron Hodges, and others.

According to human rights activist Wendy Doromal, the “event gives those who support federalization, and those who wish to promote social and political justice for the CNMI's guest workers an opportunity to renew the energy, unity, and hope of December's Unity March.”

In an invitation to community members to participate in today's vigil, Doromal stated, “Recently, the unity of guest worker community has been tested with proposals of CNMI permanent residency, resulting in differing, even conflicting views.”

“Unity does not mean that we must walk the same paths to get to the final destination. Unity does not mean that we must trust the same people. It does not mean that we must always agree. Unity means that we respect each other's opinions and agree to disagree,” Doromal said.

The Human Dignity Movement is encouraging other guest worker organizations to participate in this event despite their differences on the federalization issue.

“It's not about who-thinks-what, it's about the community coming together peacefully,” Custodio said.

Doromal said that the “vision of the Unity Movement is a shared vision of a united and prosperous CNMI. It can only be achieved through mutual respect, collaboration, and social and political justice.”

...just got lost and lucky.... said...

quoted from ron...
Jerry had a very nice prayer service. There was no attempt to match the Unity March numbers. It was organized late with no fund raising...still, it was a prayer service.

You're right, indeed it was a prayer service. But haven't the organizers considered the people's expectations? I know they're wise enough to think of that... or maybe not. Were you one of the organizers Ron?