Candle Light Vigil Tonight!

On Saturday evening, May 10, 2008 (Saipan time) there will be a candlelight vigil from 6:00pm to 9:00pm to commemorate the signing of S 2739. Those who want to join should meet at the Garapan Fishing Base on Beach Road across from the Horiguchi Building.

Some of the groups that will be participating are the Coalition of United Workers, PILCOWA, the Bangladesh Community, the Human Dignity Movement, the Chinese Community, Boholano Association, Mariana Amateur Radio Association, and Dekada!

From the Saipan Tribune:

“Everyone's invited to join the line from the Garapan Fishing Base going southward of Beach Road (pathway). Participants are encouraged to wear white shirt and to please bring a candle. This prayer vigil is part of Thanksgiving for the federalization and also for the provision it may give to our guest workers in the NMI,” said Jerry Custodio, president of the Human Dignity Movement.