CNMI Minimum Wage Increases Monday

May 23, 2008

Minimum Wage Increases Monday

The CNMI minimum wage will increase from $3.55 an hour to $4.05 an hour for most workers May 26, 2008.

Some businesses and occupations are exempt from the minimum wage including small businesses that make under $500,000 yearly, fishermen, some farmers, and domestic helpers who care for the disabled. These employees will earn the CNMI minimum wage which is $3.05 an hour. See this Marianas Variety article for more details.


KAP said...

Wouldn't that be a reason for some local minimum wage legislation?

wendy said...

The local government sets the minimum wage for the exemption businesses and categories. It will remain the same until local legislation decides to raise it.

I would like to see how many businesses make under $500,000 a year...