Cruz Flip Flop

May 19, 2008

Greg Cruz Now Supports Federalization

Today's Marianas Variety reports that Taotao Tano President Greg Cruz is now for federalization, apparently because he misunderstood the message from Senate Staff member, Allen Stayman. Yesterday's Marianas Variety stated that green cards are not in PL 110-229. Yes, we all know that. Fitial and the anti-federalization fighters lobbied successfully to have the provision granting status to long-term workers removed from the legislation last year.

However, the legislation contains language that allows the federal government to grant status. While there is no provision for green cards or status in the law, there is a provision to consider status as the law requires the administration, “ in consultation with the CNMI, to report to Congress no later than the second year after enactment on the population of aliens, status of aliens under federal law, future requirements of the CNMI for an alien workforce, and recommendations on whether Congress should consider permitting such workers long-term status under the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

The article quotes Cruz:

“All these protests in the community such as unity marches, candle vigils, signature drives and so forth must end,” Cruz said. “The reputation of our homeland that has been damaged but it is now time for the people of the commonwealth to rebuild restore and repair the reputation of our homeland that has been damaged by the false promises by human rights advocates,” he added.

Protests won't end until justice and rights are obtained. One of the few rights that the guest workers have are freedom of speech and assembly rights granted under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. They have the right to march, hold vigils, sponsor signature drives, write letters, speak out, and express themselves publicly. I am sure none of these will "protests" end until social justice is firmly and permanently established for all of the people who live and work in the CNMI.

The reputation of the island will be restored when abuses end, just laws are instituted, and there is no longer a disenfranchised underclass. Human rights advocates and the press did not destroy the CNMI's reputation. It was tarnished by the people who cheated workers of their fair pay, coerced women and young girls into sex acts, participated in illegal recruitment, engaged in human trafficking, and otherwise broke the law. It was damaged by those who told guest workers to leave, and uttered racist remarks.

Wait until Mr. Cruz figures out that the law does provide for the granting of status to long-term guest workers. Bet he will be against the legislation again!