Department of Labor - Infuriating System

May 28, 2008

The CNMI Department of Labor gathered over 500 non-resident workers to hand out forms so they could collect their own judgments that the department issued, but never took time to enforce. According to the Saipan Tribune:

Labor Enforcement Supervisor Jeffrey Camacho told Saipan Tribune that they were there to assist the workers and give them the small claim packets on how they can proceed to court and collect their administrative orders.

“We are also providing them the name of the bonding companies and the bond numbers,” Camacho said.

Camacho said there are individuals who showed up that are not listed in the newspaper that was printed out last Monday.
“We are also assisting the ones on the list by giving them these small claim packets,” he said.

Lovely that the department decides to "help out" (if you can call it that) after years and years of that many of the workers have waited for their back wages and damages that DOL determined were owed to them in the administrative orders that the department issued. What an ineffective method of collecting judgments - handing out packets to the victims so they can file claims in small claims court to go after the abusers and law breakers.

Labor Enforcement Supervisor Jeffrey Camacho said, "“We are also providing them the name of the bonding companies and the bond numbers." Since most of the bonding companies are no longer in business, and the DOL did absolutely nothing to collect the judgments from them what good will that do?

The article states:
One worker said he did not get the small claims packet because he trusts the federal ombudsman more.

“I've been here for 19 years now. My administrative order was issued 12 years ago but until now I haven't gotten any amount,” the worker said.

Benedetto earlier reported that he collected over 800 administrative orders from workers, representing a total amount of $6.1 million in unpaid wages and damages.

I think the next news story on this should include interviews with all the hundreds of criminal employers who owe non-resident workers money, and never honored the administrative orders or judgments.


Lourdes said...

They need to post the names of deadbeat employers who owe non-resident workers money.

Anonymous said...

Not only the company names of deadbeat employers but also the names of company owners and company incorporators.

I bet you can find some names that are up there in government positions.

Wendy said...

Yes I can. In fact, I am considering taking out a full page ad in the local paper to list the names of these wonderful employers and what they owe. I will list these employers on this site.

Ombudsperson Aficionado said...

Ma'am Wendy,

Thank you for providing this valuable information. Knowledge is power.

More power!

Anonymous said...

wow! at last they did a move. Washing their hands...