Green Cards for Long-Term Guest Workers

June 18, 2008

My friend, photographer Itos Feliciano, just sent me this you tube video. It's a moving plea for green cards for long term guest workers.

Last month the some guest workers from the Human Dignity Movement and other guest workers waited all day in the hot sun for an opportunity to meet the Department of Interior officials, Doug Domenech, the acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs and Deputy Chief of Staff for Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, and Nikolao Pula, Director of the Office of Insular Affairs. They were not given an audience as was reported by GMA News:

A group of Filipino and other foreign workers pushing for better immigration status in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) failed to get an audience with visiting officials from the US Department of the Interior on Tuesday.

Although disappointed, the workers led by Human Dignity Movement president Jerry Custodio said they were at least able to show they are active in their pursuit of a better immigration status for foreign workers in the territory.
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You Tube video and photographs by Itos Feliciano ©2008