July 12, 2008

Officials of the Department of Homeland Security are on Saipan this week to meet with officials, and representatives from the community including non-resident worker representatives. The DHS is the lead agency in drafting regulations for PL 110-229.

They must be getting mixed signals from the Fitial administration. Governor Fitial will reportedly meet with the officials even though he is looking into filing a lawsuit against the federal government. His immigration chief, Melvin Grey, has scheduled a talk next Thursday for human resource professionals on how to prepare for federalization according to the Saipan Tribune:

“With the fragile economic conditions also facing the CNMI, there is a need to educate all areas of our community on how to prepare for the new immigration system. This is a reality that will significantly affect the workplace in the CNMI. This is one meeting you do not want to miss,” said the group in a statement issued yesterday.
Will they all stand around a crystal ball? Until the regulations are drafted no one has an idea of what the CNMI federal guest worker program will look like. Yet, the Fitial federalization fighters consistently put forth propaganda, and talk as if the regulations were written.


trouble in paradise said...

plus...rumors swirl that Ben F. has dipped into the economic stimulus funds thinking we would receive aid to compensate the minimum wage increase with Am. Sam., which will not be coming.