Bob Schaffer's Son Posts Racist Remarks on Facebook

Image from Justin Schaffer's Facebook page

August 8, 2008

Former US Representative Bob Schaffer who went on a junket to the CNMI arranged by Abramoff's Preston Gates lobbying firm, is reportedly embarrassed by his son Justin's Facebook page.  Schaffer, a Republican is running for a US Senate seat in Colorado. TPM Muckraker states:
Nineteen-year-old Justin Schaffer publicly apologized for putting up posters on his Facebook page including one declaring "Slavery Gets Shit Done." Among the Facebook page additions are a plethora of images that mock Barack Obama -- painting him as Muslim, elitist, homosexual and a terrorist. One even goes so far as to compare the presumptive Democratic candidate for president to the cereal-box character "Count Chocula."

The page also includes several pro-gun images. One "bumper sticker" shows an image of Jesus holding an M-16 in front of a Confederate flag, with the words "What Would Republican Jesus Do?" Another features a bevy of different kinds of guns with the words, "Celebrate Diversity" underneath.
The Facebook page was recreated at a site called Schaffer Family Values.  The 19-year-old is said to be in trouble with the University of Dayton for displaying the inappropriate graphics and sayings according to the Dayton Daily News. Justin Schaffer apologized reported the Denver Post:
Justin Schaffer apologized in a statement Monday for the Facebook page, from which the images had been removed.
"It is clear that my actions were juvenile, disrespectful, and a mistake on my part," the 19-year-old said.
Bob Schaffer, while not commenting on the Web page, said his son had received a "firm punishment."
Josh Marshall wrote a piece on Talking Points Memo connecting the slavery image with his father's junket to the Mariana Islands.