Meetings with Rota Guest Workers & Children

August 2, 2008

Rota is as beautiful as always, and still my favorite place in the world. It is heartwarming to reunite with dear friends (both Rota residents and guest workers) who I have known for as long as 24 years.

Several meetings with guest workers on Rota reveal that although they express similar sentiments and concerns with workers on Saipan and Tinian including security for their families, worry about the exile of their US citizen children, complaints about administrative orders never being enforced, and not receiving their stimulus checks, many of their problems are unique because of their isolation from main offices on Saipan. Clearly, there is still a need for federal oversight on Rota.

The workers met with me at a barbecue and gathering at Tweksberry Beach on Thursday, and several meetings were held in a private home in Songsong Village. I also met with guest workers at the hotel and mosque in Sinapalu. Thank you for the delicious barbecue and hospitality!

Here are some photos of the guest workers on Rota: