Abramoff Sentencing Set for September 4th

September 1, 2008

Jack Abramoff will be sentenced on September 4, 2008 before U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle, the same day that John McCain makes his acceptance speech at the GOP Convention. It seems appropriate considering their connection as pointed out by dengre on the Daily Kos.

The Washington Post reports that since he has been sentenced, Mr. Abramoff has spent more than 3,000 hours spilling his guts to more than 100 law enforcement officials reviewing over 500,000 documents. The article stated that his cooperation has helped in the corruption probe that has implicated ""scores of other persons not yet charged,"according to court filings. Perhaps Lt. Governor Villagomez won't be the only CNMI official, former official, or business person to be indicted. The Washington Times reported:

Abramoff's cooperation continues and his lawyers predict his help will figure into future convictions.
Although Abramoff was sentenced for fraud in the purchase of the Florida-based SunCruz Casinos in November 2006, sentencing for a case of tax evasion, fraud and conspiracy to ply public officials with gifts in exchange for official actions was delayed until he had cooperated with authorities in implicating members of Congress and others.

The Washington Post reported:
The Justice Department is asking Huvelle to sentence Abramoff to five years and four months rather than the maximum 11 years and three months he'd be eligible to receive. The sentences in the two cases would be served at the same time. The government also is seeking about $23 million in restitution.
Abramoff attorneys Abbe D. Lowell of Washington and Neal R.Sonnett of Miami noted in a memorandum that in addition to the meeting with FBI and other agents, Abramoff had reviewed more than a half-million documents.

They also noted that the ex-powerhouse lobbyist had helped convict more than a dozen people, in addition to admitting guilt himself, and his case had prompted reforms that the attorneys said were widely known as "Abramoff Ethics Rules." Among those who have pleaded guilty were former Rep. Robert Ney (R-Ohio), who this month was released after he completed his prison sentence, and J. Steven Griles, the No. 2 official in the Interior Department.

The court papers indicate an extensive ongoing investigation by referencing a document that is sealed because it contains grand jury information. Still under investigation are former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and retiring Rep. John Doolittle (R-Calif.), among others.
The court papers also state that Mr. Abramoff is a dedicated family man to his wife Pam and their five children. It also notes letters from Abramoff supporters including one from the Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, Governor Fitial. (See page 21) Much of the court document outlines Mr. Abramoff's religious practices and contributions to Jewish charities. The papers state that Mr. Abramoff is very remorseful for his crimes.

Read the court documents that were filed by Jack Abramoff's attorneys on August 27th: