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Sponge Bob Schaffer Soaking Up Lobbyists' Cash (sent by a friend)

September 6, 2008

Governor Fitial is featured in the newly launched site, Bob Schaffer's Many Scandals, which highlights scandals of former congressman Bob Schaffer. Schaffer is the Republican Colorado Senate candidate running against Mark Udall.  

From  Progress Now:
In addition to Abramofff, also highlights Schaffer's connection to the following:
  • Meetings with Abramoff's Mark Zachares: Who pled guilty in April 2007 for criminal activity related to his colleague Jack Abramoff. Schaffer during his August 27-31 visit to CNMI met with Zachares. (Itinerary Draft for Rep. Bob Schaffer and Mrs. Schaffer, August 27-31, 1999)
  • Schaffer crony Benigno Fitial: The Governor of CNMI who awarded Abramoff a lobbying contract worth $1.6 millon. Fitial is a major donor to Schaffer and Schaffer helped Fitial get elected.
  • Sweatshop Bob & Jerry Tan: Garment factory owner Willie Tan was fined $9 million for systematically underpaying workers in CNMI. Schafer took donation from Tan's brother Jerry in 1997 and again in 2004 during which time Abramoff was working to cover up labor abuses by Willie Tan and others in CNMI.(Washington Post, 5/26/2006)
  • Convicted Felon William Orr: Orr was convicted of multiple felonies of defrauding the EPA as the ED of the National Alternative Fuel Foundation (NAFF) that Schaffer disclosed was a paid director during the fraudulent activity. (U.S. Attorney's Office, Dist of Colorado, 5/29/2008)
  • Sentenced Scott Shires: Who plead three counts of federal tax evasion earlier this year as was on the Board of the NAFF. Shires was listed as the registered agent for Schaffer's Board of Education campaign. (Colorado Secretary of State)
  • Conflict with donor David Brennan: The owner of White Hat Management, who is under investigation in Ohio for misusing taxpayer dollar for his private for profit education contracts. Instead of recusing himself, Schaffer voted to extend a contract for Brennan who was a major donor to Schaffer both before and immediately after the vote.
  • Employer War Profiteer Alex Cranberg: Owner of Aspect Energy. As VP of Aspect Bob Schaffer traveled to Iraq to lobby for an oil contract against the State Department's explicit policy against regional oil deals.
  • Right Wing School Operator Richard Bishirjian: The controversial head of Yorktown University, an online for-profit right wing school where Bob Schaffer served on the Board. Bishirjian failed to check that one of his professors, Gordon Neal Diem, had been arrested for sexual offenses against children. (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/25)
Another site, The Facts: Bob Schaffer, also highlights Schaffer's involvement with the CNMI and Governor Fitial including the junket to the CNMI and the oversight hearing Schaffer turned into an attack on the DOI.  Square State features a lengthy article linking Schaffer to Abramoff and scandals.

Schaffer in Saipan

CQ Politics reports that Udall is leading Schaffer 39 percent to 31 percent with 22 percent undecided in a Suffolk University poll conducted Aug. 21-24. The margin of error is 4.6 percent. A Mason-Dixon Research for the Denver Post conducted Aug. 13-15 had Udall ahead by 10 points.

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The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Are you talking about Willie or Jerry Tan?

wendy said...

The website talks about both, but features Jerry Tan:
Schaffer Scandals -See on the front page of the blog. (That was a blockquote from the Progress Now blog with the bullets that mentions Jerry Tan.)

Hope your quest for the Marine Sanctuary is going well.