Tom Delay Back in the Spotlight

September 3, 2008

The Republican Party seems to have no memory. Tom Delay, the former Texas Republican congressman, CNMI junket-taker, criminally indicted Abramoff foot soldier, hosted a party last night that drew hundreds of high level Republicans. Who would want to be seen or associated with the smug and cocky Delay?

ABC News reporter, Brian Ross covered the story.  Some quotes from party goers:
"He's the man, he's the man," said one guest leaving the party.

"I've always liked him, he's a good solid conservative," said one delegate standing in line for entrance to the party, Corey Stewart, chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County, Virginia.
Here is the Brian Ross broadcast which includes footage of the Abramoff-Delay junketers being greeted by former Governor Froilan Tenorio:

Apparently not everyone wanted their attendance at the Delay bash publicized. John Mica (R-FL) head butted an ABC camera man trying to video tape him when leaving the party in a tuxedo. The Orlando Sentinel reports:
John Mica created an Internet sensation after getting caught head-butting an ABC News camera. The piece was about members of Congress attending an event with Tom DeLay. And Mica surely looked on camera like he didn't want to talk. And his head surely hit the camera. But when I ran into the Winter Park Republican on the convention floor, he was laughing. "I was the innocent victim," Mica said. "That guy almost knocked my hair off."
The tape reveals it was Mica who attacked the camera, not the other way around. His toupee did not fall off.


Anonymous said...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Quiet Rockland Offers US$500 Reward For The Lawful Capture Of Congressman John Mica's Toupee

A copy of this letter with accompanying photographs is posted at:

Like a midget wrestler would do in the ring, or like a B-List Hollywood fake-celebrity would do on the TMZ website, unabashed aeromercantile hawked-chicken Congressman John L. Mica (Florida, 7th District) decided to HEAD-BUTT a cameraman or two last night:

The incident occurred while Mica was caught trying to sneak out of a Tom Delay stealth perp-fundraiser in Minnesota. Supposedly, John Mica is still seeing purple after yesterday's Quiet Rockland blogged letters about Mica's hairpiece:

These blogged documents were faxed, inter alia, to each of Congressman Mica's district offices. They were also distributed all over Florida, the District of Columbia, and elsewhere. Guess Mica didn't like 'em much.

Quiet Rockland, in turn angered by this obviously-intentional abuse of the media and the First Amendment, accordingly offers a Five Hundred Dollar (US$500) reward, payable through and including the date of the November 2008 election (New York time), to the first person who lawfully and legitimately traps, captures, and delivers over Congressman John L. Mica's ill-fitting, gravity-devying, entirely-preposterous hairpiece.

Please watch the video linked above. Mica runs the pattern like a former football player.

But why would he lead with his HEAD? He must be real confident in the application of his Topstick.

Also, we want to be very clear here that no one is asking anyone to make any unlawful conversion of property (even toupee-lifting, after all, is a taking of chattel, no matter how ugly the rug looks). No one is inviting any assault or bodily contact or anything like it (and in this case, if I were you, I'd be afraid of it).

However, it is entirely possible that someone might enterprisingly work out a method for the lawful taking of possession of John Mica's toupee. For example, Mica might accept a check. After all, Congressman Mica has accepted a check already from most of the relevant aero-mercantile interests in this country. You might get similarly lucky.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the link to your site!