Another Lenient Sentence from the CNMI

October 8, 2008

The best place in the world to commit a crime could be the CNMI. It is astounding how over the years CNMI judges have consistently handed out ridiculously lenient sentences. Sentences for everything from drug trafficking to human trafficking are typically so lenient that they raise eyebrows, and are the topic of jokes.

Today it was announced that a CNMI Department of Labor employee, Janel Alepuyo, charged with approving guest workers’ applications in exchange for $30 to $50 bribes, will not spend even one day in jail. Her sentence of two years was suspended and she will be placed on supervised probation, pay a fine of $500 and an assessment fee of $25.00. Are you kidding me? Hopefully, she will never work for the government again.

Here are some more CNMI sentences:

Man in cable theft gets 14-day sentence
The law provides a mandatory minimum penalty of eight years imprisonment for sexual offenses. The offenses carry a maximum penalty of 30 years imprisonment, which the judge found to be inappropriate for this case. The judge said a long sentence would be tantamount to life imprisonment, considering the defendant's age.

“The 30-year sentence should be reserved for those people who have committed these repulsive crimes in the most cruelest and inhumane manner, such as with physical force resulting in injury; or for those repeat offenders that have committed these same or other similar crimes before,” Manglona said.
Ex-convict gets 6 years for gameroom robbery

Lawyer questions lopsided sentences:
A former local principal who admitted stealing $37,000 from a school gets five months in prison. But a Palauan man convicted of stealing a mere $24 worth of copper wire receives two years in prison.
Man gets eight months for sexually assaulting minor

Club owner gets prison time for immigration fraud

Wiseman explains "lenient' decision:
Wiseman said that he reviewed the past conduct and lifestyle of the cousins for the past six years after killing Bernard Tique at the vicinity of the Hotel Nikko, in deciding to impose alternative sentences - probation, restitution and community service.

Tique had sustained severe injuries that led to his death, arising from a violent encounter with the Camachos, who kicked and stomped on him.
Former cop gets 20 days for theft

Man gets 30-month jail term:
A 25-year-old man who had pleaded guilty to child abuse, assault and battery, and burglary charges before the Superior Court was yesterday sentenced to five years imprisonment, all but 30 months suspended.
Ex-convict gets 10-day jail term for theft