Casino Jack: The United States of Money

October 9, 2009

Alex Gibney, the Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker, recently had an interesting interview with TPMtv about his new Abramoff film (below).  He said he may be releasing bits and pieces of the film on Youtube before it is released next year. ABC News reported:
What will be available from "Casino Jack" before the election will be "clips from the film on YouTube, particularly if they have special relevance to the election."
Many will be looking for that segment on John McCain and his involvement with the Abramoff Indian casino hearings.  Politico reported:
"The film should give viewers a greater understanding, in a blow-by-blow way, of how the political process works, particularly with regards to lobbying," Gibney says. "This movie will have it all: wild international intrigue, money changing hands in unexpected places, etc. It will be fun. As someone said about an earlier picture I made: 'It's a comedy that turns into farce and ends up in horror."
McCain "of course" comes up in the film, adds Gibney, who has "put the word out" to the Arizona senator’s presidential campaign for comment. "He certainly plays a role — he ran the [Abramoff] hearings, so he's unavoidably involved in the story. Then the questioning extends. Upon further investigation, one looks at his motives and things like that. I don't want to say much more than that, but he is a character in the story."
In case you can't wait to see how Gibney portrays the McCain-Abramoff relationship, the John McCain-Abramoff cover up was covered by Dengre months ago at the Daily Kos .