Going to Inauguration!

January 16, 2009

A special friend gave Nani and me tickets to the Inauguration!  

We'll be leaving Sunday very early in the morning to join the millions of people who are going to Washington to witness history being made. One friend told me that not just Americans from every corner of the nation that are flowing into Washington, DC.  There are people from all over the world who have arrived and there is already a sense of excitement in the city. 

Nani has taken charge in planning our schedule for the celebration.  She knows the Metro stop and the gate we have to enter to view the ceremony.  She printed maps and pages of event information.  We plan to meet friends, and go to the We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial a concert with Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce,  and other artists.  Nani takes an AP Art History class and she wants to visit art museums.  

The weather is expected to be bitter cold through the weekend and on inauguration day, possibly with snow.  It's 8 degrees there right now.  I am not a very cold-tolerant person, so I was happy to read that churches and other buildings will open their doors for visitors to have a chance to warm up.  

We are going to join service and volunteer activities in Washington on Monday, January 19, 2008 to commemorate Martin Luther King Day. As a service learning teacher I am excited that service is being promoted all over America.  USA Service.org lists thousands of volunteer events and suggestions for service.

I usually go to Washington, DC on business to meet with federal officials to support human and labor rights concerns.  The last time I went to Washington for a national celebration was August 27, 1983. I traveled to Washington, DC to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have A Dream Speech with a group of religious leaders from Connecticut.  It was a sweltering day with over 750,000 people gathered to celebrate the contributions of Dr.King and to ask the U.S. Senate and President Reagan to pass the King Holiday.  Senator Ted Kennedy sponsored the bill that was signed by President Reagan in November 1983. Twenty five years later we will be celebrating the inauguration of the first African American President. Thank you my friend for making this possible for me, and especially for Nani who is thrilled beyond belief.

What will you do to celebrate the memory of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.?


Marianas Pride said...

Hi Wendy,

What great news! I'm so happy for you and Nani! I can't stand cold weather but would be willing to freeze a bit to get a glimpse of our new president. Despite the world recession, I am hopeful in 2009 and have full confidence in Obama.

I will be taking my kids to American Memorial Park to participate in the MLK local celebration.

wendy said...

Hi Ed

Yes, it is worth freezing for.

Enjoy the day at American Memorial Park. I remember last year it was a wonderful event. Hope you post photos!