Inauguration Celebration

January 19, 2009

More people are flowing into Washington, DC for the inauguration. The Metro was so crowded that in the afternoon there was no room on the platform and people had to wait for a train that wasn't filled to capacity. Union Station was also incredibly crowded. We bought lunch there, but there were no tables so we ate on a park bench outside the Capitol. The squirrels came and begged for food from Nani.

On every street there are people selling Obama memorabilia - pins, flags, calendars, bobble heads, hats, sweaters, sweatshirts, scarves, bracelets, bumper stickers, beads, blankets, prints, earrings, and more. Almost everyone is wearing a pin or Obama clothing.

Today we went to the Botanical Gardens, Union Station, the National Mall and Capitol . We saw a long line of people waiting outside the Canon Office Building to get their inaugural tickets and lots of happy people walking with their large envelopes.

The best part of the day was having dinner with Tina Sablan and her friend at a Burmese restaurant in Chinatown.

Happy Birthday to Congressman Kilili Sablan!

Some photos: