Crunching Numbers

April 5, 2009

According to the Saipan Tribune 16,000 foreign contract workers have exited the CNMI over the last three years. Considering the closure of garment factories one would expect a large number to leave. 

However, the story failed to say how many non-resident workers entered during the same period. Some foreign contract workers complained that after filing labor complaints they searched for positions and were often told that it was going to a new recruit from off-island. The DOL also has promoted its mandatory orientation classes for new recruits. So where are the entry numbers for the same period?

From the article:
In the last three years, the CNMI Department of Labor processed and completed the repatriation of over 16,000 alien workers, according to Labor deputy secretary Cinta Kaipat.

Labor is also making good progress in placing U.S. citizens in jobs, she added in her interim progress report submitted Wednesday last week to the Legislature on the implementation of the Public Law 15-108. Kaipat was the author of the controversial labor reform law when she was a congresswoman.

She said the repatriation of 16,000-plus foreign workers in 2006, 2007, and 2008 was an enormous administrative task that involved completing labor cases, securing repatriation tickets, and making voluntary arrangements for departures.

“The department has done this work quietly and efficiently, working cooperatively with foreign workers and their representatives to accommodate hardship concerns and to honor requests for the timing of repatriation,” Kaipat said.
Again, how many workers entered the CNMI during this same period?


Anonymous said...

Well, I am sure glad we got rid of those pesky garment factories, I hated waiting in line at the grocery store to buy something, it was so crowded here, and all those people at the night clubs, i like it now, I can go the the Monte Carlo now at 9pm and there is only 2 people, that the way I like it!! NICE AND QUIET!

CNMI DOL is corrupt said...

Kaipat is a puppet for a criminal organization eventhough she may not even know it.

Many employers pay locals 100. per month to show as their employee so they can meet the minimum guidelines. The same is true for so many aliens operating businesses under, or with a locals/US citizens name on the company.

Anonymous said...

How can anybody trust any numbers or statements given out by DOL. None of their numbers have ever been accurate.
They cannot keep track of the Legal workers accuratly.

On many of these business and contract workers, many DOL employees (and upper staff) are the "sponsers" of these business for a small army of contract workers that only want to stay here. Many of the different Agency workers also are involved.

They (CW) are all usually abused,taken advantage of and not paid etc. basicaly fending for themselves.They are called for parties, events etc. by their sponsers and family and not paid. They also have to pay for the processing fees etc.
Many are given a "farm" lot to stay on with a couple of sheets of tin and plywood.

Many of the DOL people, in the past, also have gone to business and told them to hire so and so, even though there is no opening or need for any more employees.
This allows the "sponser" to use this person at will whith no pay or commitments.

This has been brought to light many times by many people, with the complaints set aside. many of the Legislatures are doing the same thing also.

Now unfortunatly with this Fed delay this will continue to prevail much longer.
But maybe, on another note, this will also enable some people to be here dureing the takeover time.

I personaly know of 9 "new" off island hires that have happened at one perticular company since the "moratorium" took affect.The hires are employee family members.
The owner (my friend)is connected and also a foriegner.