Letter to fellow workers

May 13, 2009

Carlito Maruez calls upon workers to unite to request status in a letter to the editor printed in the Marianas Variety today:

Roy Beck, the CEO & founder of Numbers USA, has posted on his Web site that “Bi-partisan Senate push for amnesty starts — U.S jobless workers thrown under the bus.”

He urged Americans to call their senators and oppose amnesty.

“Did you think senators might be too smart this year — or too moral or at least too embarrassed — to push for more foreign workers while millions of Americans are losing their jobs?” he asked.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee in a first hearing of its immigration panel dashed such modest faith in U.S. senators [on April 30]. Senators made it clear that they are hopeful that the American people will let them pass the amnesty this year that was blocked in 2007. And the senators made it clear that the only thing that will stop the Senate from passing an amnesty for illegal foreign workers this year is if regular citizens like you mount immediate and sustained protest,” Beck added.

Fellow foreign workers, this will surely affect the quest of long-time foreign workers for a better immigration status.

Obviously, all of us did not cross the border in entering the CNMI nor are we undocumented.

We’ve gone through the legal immigration processes.

Dr. Arkle, in his letter to the editor dated May 11, stated: “If the law is to be applied without discrimination throughout the U.S, then those NMI non-residents who cannot or do not qualify under normal immigration pathways to remain, need to start planning for their future; a future that will probably send them (and their children) home — for now.”

This is a true picture for all foreign workers in the CNMI.

But now is the time to unite in calling for the Department of Homeland Security to consider granting permanent status to all foreign nationals in the CNMI who served as the arms, legs and brains of the economy even when it is experiencing a downturn.

Puerto Rico, Saipan


Melberlin said...

Way to go Carlito... you are one of the Pinoys to be proud of.

It seems that posting comments to the Marianas Variety has been stopped. Well, that's good, I suggest to this newspaper to re-open and require individuals to register with their real name (need id to reg)and let's see the difference.

Anonymous said...

you are correct melberlin...better, require the commentator to have their real name sign in...
madami kaseng matapang, kase nagtatago sa ibang pangalan...
-malou berueco

Melberlin said...

malou, you're one of a kind of a woman that is invulnerable to fear or intimidation... you are all facing and withstand these racists with courage...

think about it said...

Maybe the MV got rid of comments because so many were racist and out of line. Were they fearing a lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

A little off topic in a way, butI would be very interested in finding out why Kristi Eaton left the Tribune.

Anonymous said...

The anonimity of the internet let's us all see how and what many people really think under the thin veil of civility.

Anonymous said...

melberlin-thank you very!
with people like you supporting US, who would not be strong enough?
support from people like you, give us strength when we are weak or when we almost like to give up...
thank you!
-malou berueco

Anonymous said...

In regards to the comment section in the variety,according to the variety, There was complaint from a teacher(s) that "the kids would open up the variety first to see the swear words and racist comments"
The Variety is tying to do somethig, to edit this.