New Home for Joaquina Santos

October 8, 2009

The last of the trio convicted in the CUC-Rydlyme scandal, Joaquina Santos has been assigned to a federal prison. She will spend the next six years at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, which is a low security facility for female prisoners.

The web-site says the facility is located 20 miles southeast of Oakland on the Camp Parks Army Reserve Forces Training Area Military Base.

Her release date is listed as April 21, 2015.

James Santos, husband of Joaquina Santos, was originally assigned to Victorville Federal Penitentiary in Adelanto, California, but is currently listed on the inmate locator site as being reassigned to Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It appears that he is set to be assigned to another facility to serve out the remainder of his sentence. He shares the same release date as his wife.

Joaquina's brother, former Lt. Governor, Timothy Villagomez, will be incarcerated in the United States Penitentiary in Tuscon, Arizona until December 17, 2015. That is a high security facility. He was initially assigned to the Federal Corrections Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Timothy Villagomez was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison for his involvement in the Rydlyme corruption scandal. His sister, Joaquina Santos and her husband, James Santos were sentenced to six years and six months in prison each for their involvement in defrauding CUC and the federal government. All three are appealing.

Motion for Release from Custody
On September 28, 2009 the trio filed a motion for release from custody pending their appeal that was submitted by all of their attorneys. The 12-page document reiterates much of what was stated in their motions for dismissal. It also claims that the three are not "flight risks or a danger to the community" From the document (grammatical errors were in the motion):
Given their background, their ties to both family and the community, and record of appearances and good conduct since their indictment in this case a year ago, the defendants do not expect the government to vigorously oppose their release pending appeal on their grounds that they presents a flight risk or a danger community; the record is clear that they do neither.
The motion has two attachments: The first [Proposed] order denying release pending appeal and a letter from attorney Lujan. Judge Munson filed an order setting dates to file responses and proposed hearing dates.

Their appeal seems to be a stretch so I doubt that they will be granted freedom during their appeal. As far as the government "not vigorously opposing their release pending their appeal", I don't know much about typical criminal cases or legal protocol, but it appeared that the government wanted to make examples of the defendants so others might think twice before getting involved in similar schemes.


Anonymous said...

Why a high security facility? He's not a violent criminal,or murderer.

Anonymous said...

They won't win an appeal.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:08 maybe that's the only place with a cell?

Anonymous said...

Before conviction, there is a presumption in favor of release in the absence of flight risk or danger to the community.

Post conviction, the burden shifts to the defendant, with additional factors to be considered such as the likelihood of success on appeal.

Anonymous said...

Ask me if I care?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that many people think that it is "inhumane" or cruel to sentence a person that did a crime in the NMI to any "jail time" because they are a "CONNECTED FAMILY" or relative or friend.
I wonder what they would think when a person breaks into their home or car and rips them off.

Same difference when these politicos are ripping off the people.

Should be Saudi law, cut off the right hand. Graphic explanation and justice.

A thief is the worst lowlife there is.
Preying on peoples hard earned work to add comfort to their lives by stealing their materials things etc..

Anonymous said...

The Rydlyme three ran their scam twice.... and showed no remorse... only arrogance at being caught.

Anonymous said...

I'm very grateful Fitial's OAG referred this case from OPA to the FBI. Bravo, Ben!

Anonymous said...

noni 2:29 It was OPA that referred the case because the OAG did not do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

You mean Mikey Sablan ratted out Tang's favorite nephew...and you guessed it Tang is pleading innocence.

One of our politician's favorite saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. OPA gave it to the OAG, who gave it to the FBI.

Check out the "credit" given to the OAG by U.S. Attorney Lenny Rapadas in the USAO press release after the former Lt. Governor was arrested.

Those who try to deny or minimize the significance of the OAG referral are likely doing so for political purposes.