Alien Registration Almost Complete: You can still register

December 27, 2009

If you are a nonresident and did not yet complete the alien registration you can still go to the Ombudsman's Office during business hours. Registration will end at midnight on December 30, 2009.

The staff has registered some 15,000 people to date.

Some questions and answers on the alien registration:
  • What is the function of the federal ombudsman office? The federal ombudsman office was established by the U.S. Department of Interior to assist the foreign contract workers.
  • Is the information I give confidential? All matters brought to the federal ombudsman's office are strictly confidential.
  • If I am considered "illegal should I register? No one should fear the alien registration regardless of "status." However, if any person has questions please feel free to call the Ombudsman's Office at 322-8030. Filipinos please contact Cris at 483-8034 and Glen at 483-8035, Chinese please contact Li at 483-8037 and Bangladeshi and Nepalese please contact Ripon at 483-8033. The federal ombudsman made this statement concerning "illegals": "I would like to respond to the misinformation being circulated by some here in the CNMI. The umbrella permit did not grant any status under federal immigration law. Further, only the Attorney General of the CNMI has the authority to grant immigration status under CNMI law. AG Buckingham granted conditional umbrella permits to close to 1,000 aliens. The AG's umbrella permits provided legal status to every recipient as of the federal takeover. None of them are "ILLEGAL" under federal law since they were legal under CNMI law. This of course will be debated by others but to what avail is not clear."
  • Why is there a registration? The registration being conducted by this federal office is for the purpose of gathering accurate and specific information for the report that the U.S. Department of Interior. From the Consolidated Natural Resources Act (P.L. 110-299):
    "Report on Nonresident Guestworker Population- The Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Governor of the Commonwealth, shall report to the Congress not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of the Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008. The report shall include--
    (1) the number of aliens residing in the Commonwealth;
    (2) a description of the legal status (under Federal law) of such aliens;
    (3) the number of years each alien has been residing in the Commonwealth;
    (4) the current and future requirements of the Commonwealth economy for an alien workforce; and
    (5) such recommendations to the Congress, as the Secretary may deem appropriate, related to whether or not the Congress should consider permitting lawfully admitted guest workers lawfully residing in the Commonwealth on such enactment date to apply for long-term status under the immigration and nationality laws of the United States."
    The registration form addresses these specific questions and will make it possible for the DOI to submit an accurate report and recommendations.
  • Do advocates and worker groups support the registration? The registration is supported by worker advocates and worker leaders who have been assisting with getting the word out and with the actual registration. Worker leaders and advocates were briefed on the registration and the purpose. We are excited that this process is underway and encourage everyone to help to get the most accurate information possible to the DOI by registering.
  • Are employers supporting the registration? Employers are also assisting by gathering forms from their employees and their employee's alien family members and getting them to the ombudsman's office.
  • If you registered prior to the scheduled date listed in the notice do you have to return to the ombudsman's office on the date you were scheduled to register? No!
  • For more information, call the Ombudsman's Office at 322-8030. Filipinos please contact Cris at 483-8034 and Glen at 483-8035, Chinese please contact Li at 483-8037 and Bangladeshi and Nepalese please contact Ripon at 483-8033.

Here is the alien registration form. Click on the image to be able to print:


Anonymous said...

The US should start the CW1 program as planned, which has no plan for green cards before 2014. The honest and legal contract workers will get permenent resident status at the end of the tranisition period unless they are tied to illegal scammers, in which case, the US has no obligation to do anything.

All want, or should want, fair treatment for workers, but many foreigners have taken "leadership" positions to protect their own illegal arse. some good examples might be Willie Wagon (illegal contractor, home builder, abusive employer, and former crooked recruiter), Mr. Buniag (too much too list), Mr. Royal Crown Ins. and bonding (another big crook), English man Barry Ladd of Misamis construction and employer of hundreds of illegals who pay him to keep working, Hector Sevilla the freelance arcitect/builder/artist and Dekata VP, or what about Dekata Pres. Boni Segana who hasn't had a legal job in 10 years except working for his wifes snack shop...and she is a worker too.

This is just a handful of examples of what everyone knows is a majority.

Wendy said...


There is nothing in PL 110-229 that sets a date for green cards. In fact, the U.S. Congress could decide tomorrow to give every nonresident green cards immediately if they so choose.

Additionally, I do not know some of the people you accuse of being illegal or conducting illegal activities, but you are right about a couple of those you mentioned. I have labor complaints on them. However, I do not believe that Boni or Hector are involved in illegal activities or are in the CNMI illegally.

Anonymous said...

Wendy - You are quite sincere and helpful for workers but illegal depends on how you define it.

Mr. Sevilla for example, arrived here over 15 years ago and hasn't had an employer in a long long time. He arrived legally and got an umbrella making him legal to work but has no employer. He is a freelancer, and some say a swindler. So if he were to need an employer for CW1 status he would be out. If he were green carded, then the CNMI would be the big loser. Mr, Sagana hasn't had an employer for a decade, so should the Governor's umbrella grant him a green card, the equal to a US investor visa for commiting a decade of fraud?

The CW1 transitional regs will be good for the CNMI and good for legally employed CGW. The US will watch the program until 2014 and I agree with you, they will grant permenent residence.

Melberlin said...

Hector is one of those working with a local architectural firm who recently passed away and most of them had not been paid for the past ten (10) years or more. All of them already transferred to different company and not being paid anything from their former employer.

Anonymous said...

Will the CW1 status lead to permanent residency? (I didn't think so.)

Some in the H worker categories can get that, upon their employer's request, but not all.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the information Merberlin and Anonymous 3:06

One would assume if a guest worker or former guest worker has been in the CNMI for a decade, that he/she is working under a specific employer or is classified as an immediate relative spouse. If what you say is true, it is as much as a reflection on the inability of the CNMI DOL to track guest workers and issue valid work permits as it is on the individuals. Does the CNMI DOL actually issue and renew transfers for 10 years or more? These are not people that have hidden from DOL officials. These are individuals that have taken active roles in advocating for workers' rights, and have met with Deanne Seimer several times so surely they have been issued permits over this time span.

Anonymous said...

Many of the people mentioned have been paying off the higher ups in DOL to get "paperwork done" and keep them here. There are many employees in the DOL that have entered into "sponsorship scams" with many individuals. A couple of DOL employees on Tinian where removed from their posts over the years due to this scams.

If you go through the records you will find many DOL and other Govt employees that have these sponsorship scams going on.
Many involve the house worker/girl friend or farmer etc.
The people work but don't get paid, only food and are literal "slaves for the rest of the family and other relatives at the house, and especially at gatherings.
By the way in regards to Misamis Const, what is stated is dead on, plus the under the table payoffs to Dol.. That company should not be in business let alone to employ aliens.
The majority of their workers are incompetent rejects and are mostly sent out as "manpower" to other companies.

Anonymous said...

Hector Sevilla is not currently nor was ever registered as an architect by the CNMI Board of Professional Licensing. The Federal CW-1 process will weed these individuals out.

Anonymous said...

Another way to hang out legally for a half-dozen years to a decade is to file a bogus lawsuit. The local legal system is quite lethargic, especially when such delay benefits “employee” (with “Temporary” Work Authorization) and “employer” (with no liability for their scams) alike.

This gives the term “friendly lawsuit” new meaning.

Pam said...

We have now completed registration of close to 19,000 aliens and expect an additional 1,000 to be submitted today. Thanks for all the assistance, Wendy and the guest worker leaders.


Pamela Brown, US Labor Ombudsman

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pamela S. Brown, for all your and your office's hard work on alien registration.

This gives hope that by the end of 2014, there may be light at the end of the tunnel!

And thank you, Wendy, for publicizing her efforts.

Wendy said...

Thanks Pam -I reposted it above too in case people don't read the comments or see the correction on the time.

Anonymous said...

Anon on 12/29/2009 7:52AM...

Non-US or CNMI registered Architects and Engineers can practice in the CNMI and in the US as long as a registered Architect and Engineers review and certify his/her works then it will become a legal construction documents. It is only illegal to certify a drawings if you are not registered. Nobody does that here because Bldg Code can detect that. Being certified is not the issue.

Anonymous said...

Quite similar to how Filipino lawyers serving as "paralegals" draft most of the pleadings for some CNMI attorneys who then "sign off" on the work as theirs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:18 please don't forget us Filipino Accountants.

Anon on 12/29/2009 7:52 AM said...

I was responding to the accusations that Mr Sevilla has not worked for anyone for years, and was a freelance architect working on his own.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous informant about the wrong doings of some individual, it wil be better for you to come out and confront these people. Because accusing somebody without due process is not right. If you have concrete evidences to pin these people down go ahead go to proper agencies that might help you but it's better to shut up if you don't have prima facie case against these people. May the Lord enlighten your mind.

Anonymous said...

to my friend Mr anonymous,
May the good lord enlightened your mind in giving judgement.