Guest Worker Christmas Party

Here are some photos of the Christmas party sponsored by the Coalition of United Workers, NMI sent by photographer Itos Feliciano!


the teacher said...

The Lt Governor (and Governor) stated that they would not oppose green cards as it is a federal issue. He also said he would oppose any form of CNMI only green card, and I would certainly agree with that.

I have always been against a CNMI only green card (if there is such a thing), as it would freeze workers here, allow additional family members from abroad to move here, and would make Saipan look like the third world. Locals have good reason to oppose that.

Opposition to the green cards will come from Madeline.

Not to change the subject, but it is important to sign the petition and leave comments on the DHS transitional worker comment extension. When commenting, I would not ask for a green card, or follow that with ...oh oh can it be free, and I would never say (or write) that I need improved status so a can help (help always means send money) my family abroad. The US (and CNMI) are near record unemployment and the US is not looking for workers wanting to remit money abroad. If the CNMI can tax remittance, we should tax it high enough to keep income and investment here.

Anonymous said...

They looked so happy! I missed the fun this time.