Mayon Volcano About to Erupt

December 22, 2009

Over 47,000 Filipinos have been evacuated from areas surrounding Mount Mayon, the beautiful cone-shaped volcano in central Luzon. The volcano is in the Albay Province about 200 miles southeast of Manila.

The evacuees will be spending their holidays in emergency shelters as red hot lava flows have reached three miles from the crater. Over 50,000 face masks have been handed out to villagers in an area that has experienced dangerous fine falling ash. Residents were advised to stay indoors as ash is falling as far as 10 kilometers from the volcano and can cause respiratory problems or skin diseases.

Scientists say that a major eruption is expected within days as volcanic activity has increased within the last day. Volcanologist Eduardo Laguerta was quoted by the Philippine Inquirer:

From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, 463 volcanic earthquakes were recorded, characteristic of a very heightened activity, according to resident volcanologist Eduardo Laguerta.

Laguerta said Mayon was manifesting signs of a strombolian eruption, characterized by lava fountains from the crater, reaching several kilometers up, and ash fall.

“This nearing explosive eruption is no longer comparable to the protracted type in 2006 eruption with only lava oozing at the crater down to Mabinit, Legazpi City, 6 kilometers from the crater,” Solidum said at a press briefing here Sunday afternoon.

He said data indicated that the volcano would expel big boulders.

Earlier, the past 24-hour observation period showed that lava flow reached 4.5 km down the slope along the Bonga-Buyuan Gully.
The volcano has erupted 49 times in recorded history with the worst eruption being in 1814.

Troops have been sent to establish a no-go zone around the volcano.

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