Appreciation Night January 9th!

January 5, 2010

The United Workers Movement-NMI is sponsoring Appreciation Night: A Sign of Strong Unity on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at the American Memorial Amphitheater from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The event is a way of expressing thanks to all of the people who have come together to work for improved status by signing the petition, writing letters, attending rallies and assemblies and communicating with federal officials.

Since November 14, 2009, the group has been spearheading the petition signature campaign as part of the goal to gain improved status for the CNMI nonresidents. Mr. Syed president of the UWM said, "We are very much satisfied with the turnout of that campaign and because of that; we are planning to create something that would reciprocate every individual who showed their trust and confidence to all our movements and those who are united with us to our common cause."

The event is supported by PILCOWA-Pilipino Contract Workers Association, the Korean Association, Human Dignity Movement, Bangladesh Cultural Group, Saipan Hindu Community, Chinese Community, Nepalese Community, Indian Community Saipan City Taxi Association, and the Coalition of United Workers-NMI.

The event will feature cultural dance and Song renditions from different nationalities, adult and children's parlor games, a magical show, exposition of talents from our guest worker’s leaders and a movie preview featuring the past assemblies, unity march, meetings, forums and conferences participated in by our guest workers.

Any cultural groups, individuals and those who are interested to participate in this event please call program coordinator Jun Concillado at 287-0191 to register.

The online petition now has 2,246 signatures with over 2,500 written signatures thanks to the hard work of guest workers and supporting community members. Thanks to Art, Itos, Flor and others who have scanned or mailed signature pages.

You can support improved status for the dedicated nonresidents of the CNMI by signing the petition! Here are links to download written petition: petition signature page and petition.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION or scan and email signed petition pages to Wendy Doromal: