January 19, 2010

Guest workers reported to the CNMI Department of Labor again today. Long lines went around the block. Many are being told to report to Jeff Camacho for revocation notices.

Everyone's status is fine for now.


If you have any questions call the Federal Ombudsman Office:

Please call Cris/Glen if Tagalog or Sri Lankin - 322-8034/8038 and Li/Ripon if Mandarin, Cantonese or Bangladeshi - 322-8033/8037.


Captain said...

You know this is getting tiring. I am confused, I can imagine how these guest workers feel.
Why does not the Feds, Ombudsman office or somebody make a stand on this in the interim. DOL telling these people one thing and everybody else has another direction.

Anonymous said...

You're right captain, we can't feel the presence of the feds this time.

malou berueco said...

true captain!and also, not everybody or even majority of guest workers are reading blogs. may we request someone in the position to have a clear statement on this issue and be published in newspaper. i was asked several times by my fellow guest workers and gave them fact but some are still confused.

Anonymous said...

If you are currently out of status, or unable to get back into status I would follow Atty. Stephen Woodruff's advice and I would not go or contact any government office. If however I was a non-resident contract worker who had a job somewhere I would follow the CNMI DOL reporting, fees, and other requirements.

USCIS has recognized the existence of the colored bands on the Federal I-9 form and employers are responsible for checking new hires and transfers to see if they have the proper paperwork from the CNMI DOL.

The umbrella permit may give status to remain in the CNMI, but it does not give authority to work. And working illegally is grounds for deportation.

Anonymous said...

a green card can solve all these problems!

Anonymous said...

Why all the translators? Learn English.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 6:12

Learn English? You are suggesting that disenfranchised indentured servants that are considered by the CNMI government to be disposable and replaceable should learn English? Why?

Anonymous said...

"Learn English" would be an arrogant and obnoxious response to this situation even in the US. In the CNMI, where English itself is a foreign language, it is doubly arrogant, obnoxious and ignorant. It is a testament to the amazing power of ethnocentrism to trump not only the good will of one's heart, but even the plain evidence of one's senses.