Help for Haiti

January 19, 2010

The tragedy in Haiti seems more desperate by the day. This Friday and next members of the United Workers Movement - NMI will be at the Microl intersection from 4 pm to 6 pm collecting money for the victims in Haiti. They ask you to join them in "extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need." Give some cash or even some change to help!

Texting for Haiti
Every day I tell a handful of students to stop texting. But text messaging has raised $24 million for the Red Cross which will go to relief efforts in Haiti. Text the word “Haiti” to 90999 to contribute $10 to the Red Cross and $10 will be charged on your cell phone bill. A total of $112 million has been raised by the Red Cross and 20% has been from text donations.

Here are some other legitimate organizations that accept donations by text.

To give $5 by text message:
HAITI to 25383: International Rescue Committee
YELE to 501501: Yele
BABY to 20222: March of Dimes
HAITI to 864833: United Way
CERF to 90999: United Nations Foundation
BEST to 501501: Project Medishare
FRIENDS to 90999: World Food Program
HEART to 85944: Happy Hearts Fund

To give $10 by text message
HAITI to 90999: American Red Cross
CARE to 25383: CARE
OXFAM to 25383: Oxfam International
QUAKE to 20222: Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
AJWS to 25383: American Jewish World Service
HABITAT to 25383: Habitat for Humanity
GIVE to 25383: Partners in Health
DISASTER to 90999: Compassion International
HAITI to 20222: Clinton Foundation
HAITI to 85944: International Medical Corps
HAITI to 52000: Salvation Army
SAVE to 20222: Save the Children
WORLD to 20222: World Vision
RELIEF to 25383: Catholic Relief Services
RELIEF to 30644: Automatically connects to Catholic Relief Services by phone so you can donate money with your credit card.
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Anonymous said...

I would recommend donating directly to the organizations rather than your service provider. These text donations will not be submitted until the next billing cycle which is often 30-60 days away.