Marianas Guest Workers Plight in Gibney's Casino Jack Film

January 7, 2010

Alex Gibney's latest documentary, Casino Jack & the United States of Money is being featured at the Sundance Film Festival later this month. Casino Jack will take viewers from Native American casinos to the Marianas to Washington, D.C. and more. The plight of the guest workers will be discussed in the documentary.

From Sundance:
Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney returns to Sundance, once again wielding the tools of his trade with the skill of a master. Following the ongoing indictments of federal officials and exposing favor trading in our nation's capital, Gibney illuminates the way our politicians' desperate need to get elected—and the millions of dollars it costs—may be undermining the basic principles of American democracy. Infuriating, yet undeniably fun to watch, CASINO JACK is a saga of greed and corruption with a cynical villain audiences will love to hate.
Wish I could see it!

Here's an interesting news tidbit - convicted felon, former Congressman Boy Ney (R-Ohio) will not only appear in the documentary, but will attend the premiere in Utah on January 23, 2010. reports:
The film features long interviews with Ney and his former chief-of-staff, Neil Volz, who became a lobbyist for Abramoff and funneled meals, drinks and other perks to Ney so he'd help Abramoff's clients. Volz cooperated with investigators and was sentenced to two years of probation. Volz also plans to attend the premiere.

"Like it is to Bob, the Abramoff scandal is personal to me," Volz said in an e-mail. "More importantly though, the scandal is about the loss of the public's trust in government. That being the case, I hope both mine and Bob's involvement in Casino Jack can begin to restore, even in a small way, some of the trust we so carelessly squandered."


The Saipan Blogger said...

Let me know if you find a copy. I'll be in Winter Park for the foreseeable future. I'd like to borrow it or maybe we get set up a viewing with some people in town?

Wendy said...

Hi Angelo!

Please bring some sunshine and warm weather. Did you hear that we are expecting snow on Saturday? Snow!

I just signed a release for some of my (very short amount of) footage which will be in the film. We are hoping to get the movie for the September Global Peace Film Festival. (I am a board member.) We showed Taxi to the Dark Side a few years ago. That film won an Academy Award. Our films are at venues around Orlando and Winter Park including Rollins. Anyway it is supposed to be in theaters this summer.

Hope to see you soon!

the teacher said...

Wendy is among the film credits at the end the movie for her donated footage and interviews of garment workers enslaved in servitude in Saipan.

Wendy- Do you know what characters from Saipan are mentioned in the film?

Anonymous said...

Both then-Ombudsman Benedetto and former-now-current Ombudsman Brown were interviewed for the film.