More Chinese Attempt to Enter Guam Illegally

February 1, 2010

Five Chinese aliens, 3 males and two females, were apprehended on Saturday for reportedly attempting to enter Guam illegally. The five had two motorized inflatable boats that were to be used to reach Guam from Rota's West Harbor docks. One boat made it to the channel and another was stopped before they actually left the dock when the arrests were made.

Apparently, the 5 foreigners had learned that another Chinese national successfully made it to Guam in an inflatable boat. In the ICE agent affidavit that accompanied the February 1, 2010 complaint it states:

In July 2009, a male Chinese national on Saipan purchased an inflatable boat and an outboard engine from China. The individual flew to Rota by commercial airline with the inflatable boat and outboard engine. It was later learned that this person launched the inflatable boat from Rota East Harbor in the cover of darkness at night. His inflatable boat and outboard engine were located on a beach on Guam. Investigation efforts by ICE agents have confirmed the male individual arrived in Guam without proper entry in violation of 8 U.S.C. § 1325(a) (I). It is believed that the success of this Chinese national's entry into Guam is known among the Chinese community in Saipan.
A concerned citizen notified officials that Chinese nationals were interested in purchasing a boat to enter Guam illegally. Federal officials followed up on the lead over the last two months. DHS ICE agent, Isra D. Harahap's affidavit describe the recent series of events leading up to the arrests:

On January 26, 2010, I received information from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Attorney General's Office that two Chinese nationals were boarding a Freedom Air flight to Guam "with two inflatable boats and two outboard engines. I contacted Freedom Air and found out that Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG were boarding Freedom Air 200 from Saipan to Rota. The Freedom Air employee also told me the following in sum and substance:
• Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG had two inflatable boats, two outboard engines, and two life vests.
• They do not have return tickets.
• Shixu HUANG presented an expired Chinese passport and a letter from the CNMI Attorney General's Office indicating that HUANG is currently seeking a new employer.
• Jingfan ZHANG presented a current Chinese passport but did not have a permit.
• Shixu HUANG indicated with broken English that the purpose of their trip to Rota was to take pictures of marine life.
• Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG had two new 5 gallon gas tanks.

7. Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG were observed by Law Enforcement officials when they landed on Rota. Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG hitched a ride from the airport to Memorial Plaza at Song Song Village. Jingfan ZHANG stayed at Memorial Plaza with both their personal items while Shixu HUANG continued to East Harbor to survey the general area. Then Shixu HUANG walked directly to the only operational gas station on Rota. Shixu HUANG was observed looking at the gas prices. Shixu HUANG returned to the Memorial Plaza. After a short exchange with Jingfan ZHANG, Shixu HUANG walked to West Harbor where he was observed surveying the area. Shixu HUANG again returned to Memorial Plaza. Then they hitched a ride to Bay View Hotel which is located directly across from East Harbor boat ramp.

8. On January 27, 2010 the 2 inflatable boats and outboard engines arrived at the Rota airport on the first Saipan to Rota flight. Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG were notified that their air cargo had arrived in Rota. Freedom Air was notified by a third party that Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG were going to pick-up their cargo the next day on January 28, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG were observed surveying the East and West Harbors. In the early afternoon Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG approached a plain clothes CNMI Department of Public Safety (DPS) Officer. In broken English Shixu HUANG asked the officer the direction of Tinian. After the officer pointed North for Tinian, Shixu HUANG pointed the opposite direction and the officer told Shixu HUANG that was the direction of Guam. Shortly after, Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG departed East Harbor. Later that evening Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG approached the same plain clothes officer at East Harbor. Shixu HUANG was asked if there was any other location to purchase gas and oil. Shixu HUANG also enquired if the ocean would be calmer at night and if they could swim in the ocean if they had fallen from a boat. Also during this conversation Shixu HUANG inquired into the direction of Japan and the Philippines. Shixu HUANG asked if water on the East side is good and if the water on the West side is bad.

9. On the morning of January 28, 2010 1 Shixu HUANG and Jinfan ZHANG approached the same DPS officer they spoke to the day before. In a short conversation Shixu HUANG indicated that his worker was arriving in the afternoon. Shixu HUANG rented a room at the Coral Garden Hotel for two days. At approximately 10: 00 a. m. Zhan Shan
1st ZHANG arrived at Rota airport on the Freedom Air Saipan to Rota flight. Shortly after1 a blue Toyota Corolla rental car arrived at the Coral Garden and picked up Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG and drove them to the airport where they met Zhan Shan ZHANG. Shixu HUANG and Jingfan ZHANG walked to the Freedom Air cargo receiving area, while Zhan Shan ZHANG reversed the rental car into the cargo receiving bay. They loaded the inflatable boats into the rental car along with other unidentified items, then drove to the Coral Garden.

10. On Friday, January 29,2010, around 10:15 a.m., Zhan Shan ZHANG drove Shixu HUANG to the gas station in the blue Toyota Corolla. They filled four 5 gallon fuel tanks with fuel. Shixu HUANG paid approximately $98.00 for around 21.3 gallons of fuel. At approximately 11:43 a.m., Jingfan ZHANG and Zhan Shan ZHANG drove to Bay View Hotel and loaded several plastic bags into the trunk and checked out of the hotel. Then Jingfan ZHANG and Zhan Shan ZHANG drove to Coral Garden Hotel. At approximately 4:10 p.m. Zhan Shan ZHANG departed in the blue Toyota Corolla and drove to the West Harbor. Several minutes later Zhan Shan ZHANG departed and drove to the East Harbor area only to conduct a u-turn and return to the Coral Garden Hotel. The blue Toyota Corolla departed the hotel and drove to the gas station. The attendant reported a Chinese male who was driving the blue Toyota Corolla filled two 5 gallon gas tanks. The vehicle returned to the Coral Garden Hotel. Also on this date, Ping Ping ZHANG and Lihua YI purchased one way airfare tickets and flew from Saipan to Rota. They were met at the airport by Shixu HUANG and Zhan Shan ZHANG and were driven to the Coral Garden Hotel.

11. On January 30, 2010, just before 2:00 a.m., the blue Toyota Corolla departed the Coral Garden Hotel and drove to the West Harbor only to turn around and return to the hotel. Shortly after the car returned, Zhan Shan ZHANG, Shixu HUANG, and Jingfan ZHANG loaded the inflatable boats into the car along with several other items. All three departed in the car and drove directly to West Harbor, where they unloaded the contents of the car across from the West Harbor docks. The car travelled back and forth transporting items from the hotel to the harbor, making several trips. The last time the car departed from the hotel, Ping Ping ZHANG and Lihua YI were transported to the West Harbor. After they arrived, individuals were observed carrying items, including two inflatable boats and two outboard engines across the road and placed on the dock in the West Harbor. Zhan Shan ZHANG drove the car back to the hotel and after locking both the hotel key and car key in the hotel room, he walked back to the West Harbor. At approximately 4:00 a.m. all five individuals boarded the two inflatable boats at the West Harbor docks. Zhan Shan ZHANG and Ping Ping ZHANG were in one boat; Shixu HUANG, Jingfan ZHANG, and Lihua YI in the second boat. When law enforcement personnel arrived at the West Harbor, Zhan Shan ZHANG casted off his boat's mooring line and sped away towards the channel leading to the ocean. Law Enforcement personnel pursued the boat in a marked CNMI law enforcement vessel with a blue light energized. The United States Coast Guard Cutter WASHINGTON was on an intercepting course coming from the opposite direction with a blue light energized. Zhan Shan ZHANG refused to slow down or stop until the CNMI law enforcement vessel maneuvered in front of the inflatable boat forcing him to turn around towards the West Harbor. During the same time period, Shixu HUANG was attempting to pull start his outboard engine which failed to start until just before law enforcement personnel arrived and ordered him to secure the engine.

12. Both inflatable boats appeared to be overloaded with a combination of people, personal effects, and fuel containers. Each boat's water resistant storage wrap were utilized to store the personal belongings of the passengers in an apparent attempt to keep the items dry. No personal i terns belonging to any of the five individuals were left in the hotel or rental car. Only one of the boats had a fishing rod and reel, but it was still wrapped in the original plastic packaging. Both boats carried items that were not consistent with a day of recreational boating. These items included a construction worker hardhat, a bag containing various construction type hand tools, an electric rice cooker, electric razors, and multiple pairs of shoes, underwear, and changes of clothing. These items are consistent with an attempt to relocate to Guam.

13. On January 30, 2010, the undersigned arrested defendant based upon probable cause that defendant attempted to unlawfully enter the United States in violation of 8 U.S.C. § 1325(a) (1).

Judge Wiseman ordered the defendants held with no bail.

In the mid-1980s I sometimes took a cargo ship, the Christina that traveled between Rota and Guam to get supplies from Guam. The ride was free, and the boat left Rota's West Harbor late in the evening and arrived in Guam in the early morning. It was not a comfortable trip, with large waves and the sickening smell of diesel fuel. I would not even consider taking an inflatable boat to travel from Rota to Guam in the darkness of night.

I would like to hear the stories of those who would attempt to travel by inflatable boat. How many years have they been in Saipan? Were they foreign contract workers or investors? Why did they risk so much to get into Guam? What were their goals? Ditto for the defendants in the January 5th "human smuggling" case.

It's interesting that since January 2010 two incidents of foreigners trying to enter Guam illegally have been blocked by federal agents. Does anyone else wonder how many similar illegal entries from the CNMI to Guam have been successful over the years before DHS took over?

Some interesting comments on Massage-Gate have popped up in places other than the CNMI. The Pacific Daily News carried a story saying that a federal judge "must decide "If the governor of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands should be questioned under oath about why a federal detainee was taken to his house to give him a massage."
Territorial wrote:
Governor Fitial has CLEARLY abused his authority by having his masseuse delivered to his residence for personal service. The court issued Cheng is a flight risk and ordered she be held without bond.

Most simple minded people understand the courts order, well save for a Governor and his Director of Corrections. In their minds, the rules are made for the small people to follow. Governor Fitial is above the petty laws most other people must follow.

The worst thing is the Governor just renewed his oath of office wherein he vows to uphold all U.S Applicable and Local Laws! Someone need only read his Oath of Office. How quickly he forgot and performs his own bidding anyway. This is a personal service that should require Fitial to provide his own legal team and not use the government's lawyer for free.
Another Pacific Daily News article about the federal government subpoenaing the governor and the DOC commissioner and her officials has five pages of comments. The craziest thing about the story is the picture. I think the editors selected that "grinning like the Joker" photo of Fitial purposely. Most commenters asked the same questions and expressed the same reactions that commenters to Marianas Variety articles have written, but there were a few new ideas.

The Honolulu Advertiser also covered the incident and the fact that the governor was subpoenaed.


Anonymous said...

I heard that locals used to bring aliens from the NMI to Guam on their fishing boats. So surely there are many illegals in Guam.

Just give the long term aliens parole and stop the madness.

malou berueco said...

do they know that they would be working there illegally? because the way i see it, if they know that they would enter guam illegal, they would not bring rice cooker, hard hats and construction tools?
did they pay money to certain contacts to enter guam as promised to them?
who are their contacts?
why they are mostly chinese? (not that i want that there would be filipinos doing the same thing huh!)
if they didn't know that they would enter guam illegally, why did they pleaded guilty? i understand, ignorance of law makes no excuse...but ignorance of what was really being planned for them or promised is an excuse right?
this is the 3rd issue about illegal chinese entering guam...didn't they read the earlier articles or just heard about it??? who are making promises to them to risk their life?
i think the issue now is not about the illegals entering guam, but who are "masterminds" of these?

Anonymous said...

have you all heard the latest news from saipan tribune?

President Obama will be visiting Guam somtime soon :)

and this is what fitial have to say:
"Gov. Benigno R. Fitial, meanwhile, said yesterday that he “recognizes the immense potential opportunities of a presidential visit to the Marianas.”

wouldnt it be interesting if the President heard about the governor's late night massage!?

Anonymous said...

President Obama knew about it before the Saipan press broke the story.

Captain said...

Many of the contractors in Guam are not paying their workers now. (it will get worse) The GovGuam labor agency does not seem to care about the workers. Looks like it may be on the same "style" as the former CNI DOLI in the days of the Garment factories.
Many of these employers would wnat to hire illegals as they cannot open their mouth about abuses. It is also cheaper because of the "visa" system" and also no Chinese nationals are allowed under any new "visa" to work in Guam (US)
They can be mistreated and will just be quiet. Also many Chinese do not have a command of the English language so do not ask so many questions.
This will be getting more and more if this planned buildup goes througfh on schedule. (maybe won't though)