Governor's Masseuse Released

February 10, 2010

Qingmei Cheng, Governor was released from prison on bail until the hearing scheduled for May 10, 2010. U.S. District Court of the NMI Designated Judge David Wiseman granted her motion for bail modification filed Ms. Cheng's court-appointed attorney, Jed Horey.

According to the Marianas Variety, Attorney Horey and U.S. Attorney Kirk Schuler met with Judge Wiseman in his chambers:
Wiseman likewise granted the request of Assistant U.S. Attorney Kirk Schuler, who is prosecuting the case, to order Cheng not to have any direct or indirect contact with the “witnesses to her previous release” — Fitial, Department of Corrections Commissioner Dolores M. Aldan, Capt. Georgia Cabrera, Capt. Arnold Seman, and Officer Abigail Borja.
The four corrections officials brought Cheng to the governor’s residence so she could massage him in the early morning of Jan. 8.
“Don’t talk to them. Don’t text them. No calls, e-mail,” Wiseman told Cheng.
“We’re glad that [Cheng] was released. I hope everybody will have the courtesy and respect to leave her alone [so she could] live her life. She didn’t ask to be a celebrity,” Horey told the Variety shortly after the hearing.
Horey said he’s not aware of any danger to his client’s life.
He said Cheng, who has pleaded not guilty, is happy to be back in the community.
Cheng, who was in jail for over a month, was ordered to pay $1,000 or 10 percent of the $10,000 bail, and post a $9,000 unsecured bond.
The court also directed Cheng to surrender her passport; to stay away from seaport, airport and Tinian ferry; to stay away from the ocean, except at a hotel where she could be working.
Cheng was also directed to report to the Federal Probation Office, and to follow its terms.
Judge Wiseman also granted a motion for bail for the five defendants who were arrested for trying to enter Guam illegally from Rota. Their court date is set for April 12, 2010.


Anonymous said...

I thought she reported zero money?

Even if she is found not guilty, wouldn't she still be deported, or did the Guv grant her an umbrella permit for services.

The Guv wants full signing authority for alien workers...what a joke.

caotain said...

Unfortunately, the way this court oredered the "conditions", the court should have calrified it, and also stated the any of the people involved with this "Massage Gate" should not also attempt or contact this person.
As the Gov.(and his puppets has done in the past, turned corners to "skate" the laws. They all should be named in a TRO to stay away from this lady place of work and other areas she may be.

Anonymous said...

Good point. NOT! Let's order the whole Commonwealth not to patronize her place of business. You are a piece of work.