Seven Sue DOL

February 5, 2010

Seven foreign workers have filed lawsuits in Superior Court suing the CNMI Department of Labor for refusing to grant them an extension so that they can locate new employers. The seven aliens workers have umbrella permits. The Saipan Tribune reported that the workers were assisted by the Federal Ombudsman Office and Judge David Wiseman waived the filing fees.

From the Saipan Tribune: According to the petitions, the Labor orders were arbitrary, capricious, and violated their statutory, procedural and substantive due process rights.

Most of the petitioners had paid a $50 extension fee. The Labor administrative office later denied the workers' request for more time to find new employers. They appealed to the Labor Secretary, who turned down their requests. Maybe this lawsuit will clarify the question of what an umbrella permit really represents.


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone with an umbrella sues, but they are no status to work in America.