Assistant Secretary Babauta to Conduct Worker Forums

March 7, 2010

Federal Labor Ombudsman Pam Brown announced that Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs Tony Babauta will come to the CNMI to conduct the next forum. That says a lot about the Assistant Secretary, the Office of Insular Affairs and his commitment to this issue.

Pam Brown conducted the first forum last Thursday to clarify questions on umbrella permits and the role of the CNMI DOL. Her message was received with thunderous applause and loud cheers.

The Marians Variety quoted the ombudsman as saying, “Employees need to know what they expect from the [federal] government. And the CNMI needs certainty; they don’t need confusion, so I am here to stop the confusion and tell you what I do know as facts. I was not authorized to talk before, but I am now.”

Some points on umbrella permits from the Ombudsman:
  • The CNMI Department of Labor cannot revoke the umbrella permits it earlier issued to nonresidents.
  • A person cannot be discriminated in their employment because of their nationality or origin of citizenship.
  • Holders of umbrella permits authorizing employment may work until Nov. 27, 2011, even though the permit may contain two dates.
  • There’s no more processing fee and if a worker is asked to pay for it, the employer can be charged criminally.
  • Employers do not need to seek Labor's approval to hire an alien with an umbrella permit for new employment in the CNMI.
  • A guest worker with an umbrella permit can have a part-time job.
  • The federal government does not require employers to seek permission from CNMI Labor when renewing the contracts of their guest workers.
  • For those without an umbrella permit, their legal stay in the CNMI will be determined by the expiration date of their entry permits.
The ombudsman advised any guest worker who had their umbrella permit revoked or were not allowed to transfer to go to the Federal Ombudsman's Office for assistance.


Anonymous said...

wondering what sec. Babauta has to say. refute what Kaipat is saying or affirmed what Pam Brown has declared? deporting aliens with umbrella permit? now they (kaipat, schemer & company)are proving what we had anticipated and what we were thinking is correct. what these clowns are doing are so different from what they are saying. they are shooting their foot!

Captain said...

We shall see if there is clarification on what Pam has stated is true or not. (I do not doubt)as I doubt that she would hold a "forum" to contradict the NMI Govt. if she had not consulted with her Superiors.
As I said before, looks like the "showdown is on the Horizon.
The Feds have to make a stand and clarify many issues, it is not good that they have been silent for so long.
It seems like the Feds have been negligent in any response and their silence has led to more "saber rattling" by this inept admin. filled with probably the most incompetent people that have occupied a space in the local Govt. for a while. (beside the recently "recycled" misfits.