Federal Officials to Speak Saturday Evening

March 17, 2010

The United Worker's Movement invites all nonresidents, employers and interested parties to attend an informal gathering at the Kilili Beach Pavilion on Saturday March 20, 2010 at 5:00 pm to listen to speakers who will address issues of foreign national status, umbrella permits and also answer questions.

Guest speakers will include Mr. Walter L. Haith, USCIS Field Office Director Guam and CNMI and officials from the Federal Labor Ombudsman Office and U.S. Department of Labor. Ms. Tina Sablan will moderate the meeting.

After the discussion, Kathy Yuknavage from Mariana Islands Nature Alliance will speak on coastal preservation.

Rabby Syed asked that everyone try to be on time so the meeting can start immediately to accommodate speakers who must catch planes later that evening. He also requested that participants bring candles that will be lit later in the evening to give thanks to USCIS, DOI Assistant Secretary, Tony Babauta and the Federal Ombudsman, and other federal officials who have been assisting the foreign national workers.

For more information please contact Rabby Syed at 285-3306 or Ronnie Doca 285-9255.


For a very comprehensive legal analysis of the debate between the CNMI and Feederal governments read Attorney Jane Mack's letter to the editor.


Anonymous said...

Candles will be lit to give thanks? Aren't you taking fed-worship a little too far?

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:47 Why not call the numbers Wendy listed here and voice your complaint and suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Federalization: We asked for it, we got it! HOORAY!

Anonymous said...


candles will be lit to give thanks? i don't think it's necessary.

Anonymous said...

There's a meeting with federal officials to clear up misconceptions and all people can focus on is candles? Are you SERIOUS?

malou berueco said...

just finished attending the forum/debate hosted by SHRM. panelists were ms. pam brown, mr. gulick (for the feds side) & from cnmi gov't was mr. ed buckingham...
summary: BOKYA the AG. there were questions that mr. AG cannot answers and he said would be well answered by DOL deputy secretary....really?
bottom line: feds has the control over aliens...the cnmi dol after nov.27, 2009 had no more power to issue permit & to regulate aliens...
during the forum, it was fun to see ms. pam's transparent reactions to mr. buckingham answers!...
hoped it lasted longer!...the highlights will be shown tonight at kspn-news...but the whole debate/forum will be shown by kspn some time..

the teacher said...

I agree with a couple nonis here that lighting candles is over the top. Reason, intelligence, and straightforward discourse will be more effective (for helping the circumstances of contract workers) than prayers and ignorance. You can ask Tony, but I think he would tell you that sticking to the facts is more productive than candles and fluff, and federal employees don’t need candles for thanks. If you want to thank someone, just tell them and don’t make the case look ridiculous.

On that note, giving blanket green cards to all foreign nationals has many holes in it. I myself, without any research or investigation, can probably name 100 businesses (or more) that are illegal by US investor visa laws. Many of these operators have workers operate the business or have them pick up rents for absentee owners, who likely don’t pay taxes to the US or NMI, so before we make the case crazy, we should have a strategy to address this instead of screaming for blanket green cards, which is not going to happen.

I am of the opinion that statements from Pam and the DOI means that workers are no longer tied to employers and no longer under the thumb of the failed and broken CNMI DOL, which can only be viewed as a huge win and an improved status in every respect. The CW program uniquely addresses the complicated situation left by the failed system and will work here.

If we are arguing that improving the status to green card for all foreign nationals here, that is not workable or realistic. The numbers here are already figured at 30k citizens with 31k households receiving US aid, a mind blowing statistic of shame and disgrace. If we add known fraudsters and scammers and their children, we will be the barrio of America.

If we keep the story real, we will be successful.

Anonymous said...

Teacher It is not your event. Candles have been used at many events just to show unity in the cause. Why do you cares if people want to light candles!

We already knew you don't support green cards for illegal businesses. No one does and no one is arguing that. Have you given what you know on illegal businesses to the authorities? If these are arrested and deported there will be no problem.

Anonymous said...

The reason so many households on food stamps and US Aid is because minimum wage is so low and people can't afford to live without aid. Greedy bosses made Saipan barrio of US.

Wendy said...

Hi Malou:

Thanks for the short update. It seems that if employees and employers stopped going to DOL when they don't need to then part of the problem would be solved. This reminds me of the cases where kidnapped victims had opportunities to escape, but just remained with their captors.

Melberlin said...

Whew!!! are they (CNMI) going to re-issue a Q&A again that they seem delivering of a principal into lawful custody? so they are now yielding to the control of feds.

Anyway, they are still the gov't and should be responsible in making all free from confusion or ambiguity. After all it is for the betterment of everybody... yes everybody in this island... does it adequate for the purpose of improving the life of everybody?
We are now almost beyond the decade of a millennium and they cannot bring the life of a few to prosperity while leaving the others; especially if these others are more adept.

To the Teacher,
I would agree with you that lighting candles is over the top but that's their (leaders) call and respecting it will alleviate their advocacy that is the same as ours... it's a matter of different methodology anyway.

Another thing is about the 100 business or more that are illegals that I also agreed; but your estimate of the fraudster/scammer/household receiving aids that are more than the population is unreasonable and you need to look over in a comprehensively way, examine carefully for accuracy; because I don't believed in your figure. Well you may also see the other side why they are so many of them in your count.

I believed that welfare receivers will reduce if the surrounding conditions are better; foreign workers came here to work... remember? it's just the consequences that brought them to what they are now.

I don't know but your scuttlebutt will clear if you have a genuine survey in how many foreigners in the US are really in welfare.

Islander said...

I am an employer, Im confused but im sticking with the feds. im tired of all the BS from this administrations and his policies.

Islander said...

I think the governor dont need a mssage he needs someone to check his brain.. its spinnig and we are suffering!!!

the teacher said...

The 31k households receiving aid here is not my figure, it is from the Marianas Variety, and 31k is more than our number of citizens. That is not a jab at CWs, it is directed at citizens who must be abusing the system. It would b safe to say there is no state, or city, that has more households on the gravy train than the total number of citizens. This is still a hard number to believe, but if MV is correct, we are the beggars of America.

Wendy said...


Here is the Marianas Variety article with the statistics:

Food Stamp Island

How is this possible said...

Yes Wendy, 32,593 households against an estimated number of residents at 60k according to MV (hard to believe), but if we do have 60k residents, how many adult citizens would that give us?

< than 30k or < than 25k???

If we have just over 21k aliens, and 20k children includes citizens and not, that would give us 20k or less adult citizens with 32k households receiving aid. That stat seems mindboggling.

Melberlin said...

In your post you are saying about your disagreement of giving blanket green cards to all foreign nationals... and now you said:
"That is not a jab at CWs, it is directed at citizens who must be abusing the system"
It's confusing, most of this "citizens" you mentioned don't cry for green card? only CWs are crying for that.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 8:50

I haven't analyzed the statistics here -just provided the link.

Anonymous said...

melberlin doesn't get it, the teacher didn't jab CWs, he has always supported improved status for CWs, he, like every other resident, citizen, and alien that can tell the truth, is against blanketing all aliens with green cards, and so am i. what type person would even suggest, ask, or beg for such an injustice?