President Obama's Pacific Trip Postponed

March 18, 2010

Because of the possible vote on the health care bill, President Obama has postponed his scheduled trip to Guam, Indonesia and Australia until June 2010. The Washington Post reports that President Obama wants to be in Washington until the health care bill is passed, most likely on Sunday.

From the Post:
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama has called the president of Indonesia and will soon call the prime minister of Australia to express his regrets. Gibbs said the trip will be postponed until June.

"The president is disappointed . . . but we will get a chance to visit both countries," Gibbs said.

The postponement of the trip means Obama and his team will be in Washington throughout a vote scheduled for Sunday in the House and further votes in the Senate next week.
The Pacific News Center quoted Guam's Congresswoman, Madeleine Bordallo:
“This decision underlines the President’s commitment to ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable, quality health care, including those in the territories,” Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo said today. “Although I am disappointed in the announcement that he will delay his visit, I understand the historic importance of needing to pass health care reform and appreciate his continued leadership to ensure the territories are included in the bill. I will continue to work with the White House over the coming months to ensure his visit in June is a success. However, I appreciate the President’s commitment to remain focused on the military build-up and I look forward to Nancy Sutley’s visit. Her visit will be important for high-level Administration officials to better understand the impacts that the military build-up will have on our community.”


Saipan Writer said...

too bad for Guam (and us). We would love to have President Obama here in the region.

captain said...

I respectively disagree, I will not go into the reasons other than the health care.
But Obama is not much better than this Gov. with the gross overspending (That will affect my great great grandchildren) and pushing a program down the throats of a population (and state Govts. ) that is more than 50% split on it.
He has his own problems (like this Fitial) along with the congress.
What when this health care reform is passed how many Dem. will be tossed out this next election.
More than 32 states will take this to court (if passed AS IS)
I am not against health care, but this whole thing has been bought.
It has not worked in Massachusetts and is being heavily funded by the Feds now.(to make it look like it does)
Anyway only my personal view (and many of my friends in the mainland)