Buckingham: Not going to apologize

April 15, 2010

There is no shovel in the world large enough to get rid of all of the crap spewed about from the OAG. The AG, Edward Buckingham told the Variety that "he won’t apologize for his actions in helping people, like the review request on Vicente T. Aldan’s case."

“I don’t apologize for the review request or the action I take to help people when they come to our office." The Variety reported:
“When I received the request, I specifically ordered a review and also ordered that the review be done the same as it would be for anyone else,” Buckingham said, when asked if former Corrections Commissioner, and now the governor’s special assistant for political affairs, Dolores SN. Aldan requested his office last month to review the case of her husband.

When asked about the propriety of his action and Mrs. Aldan’s request, Buckingham said: “It could raise questions. That is why I was very clear that the standard of review should be no better and no worse than what would be applied to anyone else.”

Asked if then-Assistant Attorney General George Hasselback consulted him prior to Mr. Aldan’s change of plea, the AG said: “On the record, I decline to comment on internal case reviews.”
First, it's not true that the AG reviews all cases or requests on an equal standing. I know this from personal experience when he blew off my Open Government Act requests.

The article continued:
According to Buckingham, “Part of my job is to serve all members of the commonwealth. At about the same time a private person came to me asking for help with a defendant. This was not a special person but I took the time to review his situation and passed along his request to the involved prosecutor — just the same as I did with the Aldan case.”

Buckingham said he also helped an individual who sought assistance in connection with a case in federal court.
He said the individual had “difficulties in writing.”

He then recorded the statement of the person, and copied it on compact disc.

When asked about the status of the complaint of Mr. Aldan’s victim against the former corrections commissioner, Buckingham said: “I have no further comment at this time.”
Just who did he help with a federal court case? Does this mean that this benevolent AG will now help all of the thousands of ripped off foreign contract workers retrieve their back wages?

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The Saipan Blogger said...

The Fitial Administration blew off one of my open government requests, too. Welcome to the club.

Wendy said...

I'm rewriting it and if they don't respond this time I'm hiring an attorney.

Anonymous said...

ED Buckingham is a bigger suck up than his mentors, Howie and Schemer! I really did not think that that was possible, but I have to admit that I was in error. What a gas bag!

Anonymous said...

When making your request, be sure to address it to the right person.

Anonymous said...

when writing a request, be sure to address it to the BRIGHT PERSON!

Anonymous said...

Just because someone asks doesn't mean it is your job to help? Really, it made no difference that Dolores Aldan was the one doing the asking? That she is so close to the Governor she will follow an order to release a masseuse from jail?

Buckingham has co-opted himself and his office to a shameful degree he no longer knows who he is. Pathetic. Maybe that is why he was booted out of the FSM for such incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we all owe a great debt of gratitude to Pamela S. Brown for bringing Edward T. Buckingham to the OAG from the FSM.

His knowledge of corrections law is unmatched in the Commonwealth; without him the CNMI would never have passed muster in the prison consent decree case.

We should be very thankful that Pete Reyes and Tina Sablan got him promoted to AG.

The people who are so outraged against Ed are the sort of people who jump to conclusions without knowing the facts or the law. Fortunately our Senate-confirmed AG, with the imprimatur of the people through their elected leaders, knows both.

It is fashionable to bash Bucky and Fitial, but criticism should be based on particular law and known facts, not speculation. If it cannot be rationally articulated, it is simply more vitriolic OAG-bashing, using the office as proxy for the Governor.