Hearing on Aldan Case

April 14, 2010

Superior Court Judge David Wiseman scheduled a contempt hearing for Vicente Aldan for May 7, 2010. Aldan, the husband of Fitial's current political advisor and former Commissioner of the Department of Corrections, Dolores Aldan, is in prison for a domestic violence charges including assault, assault with a dangerous weapon, and illegal possession of a firearm. He beat his former common-law-wife last summer and held a handgun to her head pulling the trigger several times.

Aldan was given the ridiculously lenient sentence of only 6 months in prison without parole through a plea agreement with the OAG. He violated the plea agreement by failing to turn in the weapon that was used in the violent assault in July 2009.

Many questions remain in this case. Why would Dolores Aldan, who should be following the law as a public official, helping her husband to violate conditions of a restraining order when she accompanied him to the victim's house in Tinian? The victim detailed the story in a letter to the editor in December 2009. She questioned the AG asking why she wasn't involved in the plea agreement:
Why was I not involved in the plea-bargaining? How were my rights as a victim protected if no one bothered to even tell me that the case was moving to a plea agreement? It seems that what happened to me was tossed aside and dealt with as unimportant-that my fleeing for my life after the defendant tried to kill me was ignored and belittled.
Why was Aldan, a violent criminal, given weekend furloughs by his wife? Is he still furloughed on weekends? Are other violent criminals given weekend furloughs while they maintain possession of a handgun? What is the DOC policy on furloughs? Are furloughs routinely given to criminals who are sentenced to no parole?

Dolores Aldan has been interfering in this case since at least November 2009. Even the Attorney General admitted that Aldan had emailed him requesting that her husband's case be reviewed. Is Aldan being placated by the governor and his toadies to keep quiet about massage gate?

Some community members are wondering if Aldan sold the gun or if he is hiding the weapon because it can be traced to yet another violent crime. Why wasn't it turned in? The defendant's attorney, Joaquin Torres has not commented on the case.

Are the Tinian police officers that accompanied the Aldan's to the victim's house know where the gun is? The victim claims in the letter to the editor that they went to her house to retrieve it. The letter says:
The Tinian DPS allowed the defendant to trespass on my property without my consent and tricked my daughter into believing that they had authority to enter my property. (I filed a complaint regarding this matter with the Tinian DPS, Case No. 09-000448.) On Nov. 11, 2009, between 10:30am and 10:45am, the Tinian DPS (officers Wally Villagomez and Eloy Fitial) came to my house (the scene of the July 2, 2009, shooting incident). At that time, I was not at my house but my daughter Vionna Aldan was outside the house. The officers got out of the car and held a piece of paper to Vionna, telling her that they have court papers and that they are there so that the defendant could show the officers where the gun was hidden. My daughter, noticing that the paper was official looking, just believed the officers that it was a search warrant or something like that. Besides, they told her it was papers giving them the right to be there. Pretty soon, the defendant got out of a rental car that came with the officers in the DPS vehicle and walked over to the side of the house. The Department of Corrections Commissioner, Dolores San Nicolas Aldan, also came out of the rental car and accompanied the defendant, Vicente Aldan. What is noteworthy here is that the Commissioner is also recently married to Vicente Aldan, the defendant.
...The Tinian DPS and Corrections abused their authority. The Tinian DPS, namely the officers in this incident, lied to Vionna that they had authority to be on my property. The paper they used to pretend they had authority was the judgment and commitment order issued by the court. In fact, I was never served a copy of the order and it was only after I had gone to the Tinian DPS to file a complaint about this trespass incident that I was given a copy of the order. The order specifically prohibits the defendant from having any direct or indirect contact with me, and to surrender the gun he used in the incident. Nowhere on the order does it give the Tinian DPS any authority to be on my property without a search warrant. In addition, why was the Commissioner involved in this case if she is the defendant's spouse? Doesn't that present a conflict of interest on her part to be involved in protecting her interests, i.e. the interest of her spouse? She should not be involved in this case in any form. What is also interesting is that the case went swiftly from incident to adjudication, indicating that there's a strong likelihood that she exerted some influence due to her official capacity to get the defendant out of jail (so they can marry), etc? Did she also have some involvement in making sure that I did not know about the case, not made aware of the proceedings so that I can be heard, because it may delay the adjudication of the case? To what extent was she involved in getting the Tinian DPS to do her bidding, whatever that may be in reference to this case?
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