U.S. Department of Interior Foreign Worker Status Recommendations Report To Be Released Tomorrow

April 28, 2010

Assistant Secretary of the Department of Interior Tony Babauta will be meeting with the leaders of the guest worker groups tomorrow at the Federal Labor Ombudsman Office.

Rabby Syed said that he will hand-deliver a letter to Mr. Babauta with a copy of petition that was signed by over 5,000 residents and nonresidents calling for permanant U.S. status for the nonresidents of the CNMI. The petition was given to DOI in March 2010.

KSPN 2 reported that Mr. Babauta will hand-deliver the recommendations to Governor Fitial tomorrow. The deadline for the recommendations/report was May 10, 2010.

From the Consolidated Natural Resources Act (P.L. 110-299):

Report on Nonresident Guestworker Population- The Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Governor of the Commonwealth, shall report to the Congress not later than 2 years after the date of enactment of the Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008. The report shall include--
(1) the number of aliens residing in the Commonwealth;
(2) a description of the legal status (under Federal law) of such aliens;
(3) the number of years each alien has been residing in the Commonwealth;
(4) the current and future requirements of the Commonwealth economy for an alien workforce; and
(5) such recommendations to the Congress, as the Secretary may deem appropriate, related to whether or not the Congress should consider permitting lawfully admitted guest workers lawfully residing in the Commonwealth on such enactment date to appllong-term status under the immigration and nationality laws of the United States.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was delayed? is it going to happen tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

This is great news!