Government Agencies Involved in Planning Rally

May 26, 2010

Two CNMI government agencies, the Indigenous Affairs Office and the Carolinian Affairs Office, are joining the "CNMI Women's Organization" in planning a May 29th rally to oppose the DOI Report. (It's interesting that the cash-strapped CNMI government has the budget to fund not only an Indigenous Affairs Office, but also a Carolinian Affairs Office.)

The event seems to revolve around the claim that the DOI failed to "consult" with Governor Fitial before writing the report. However, there were several meetings and an unlimited amount of opportunities for the governor and others to express their views on status for the long-term foreign workers as is outlined in the post, The Lie.

The chair of the event is Ignacio DLG Demapan the newly appointed Director of Indigenous Affairs and the vice-chair is Angie Mangarero, executive assistant for the Carolinian Affairs Office. The CNMI's Women's Organization spokesperson, Rose Ada-Hocog is also a "special assistant"to the governor who runs the Programs and Legislative Review Office. All three agencies are under the Office of the Governor. It appears that the rally is not a grass roots movement, but a staged Fitial Administration event.

The Saipan Tribune reported:
“...We'd like to focus on the Interior recommendation and its effects on the indigenous Chamorros and Carolinians,” he said.

Demapan said residents are echoing the joint resolution by the Legislature and the position of the Fitial administration “strongly objecting” to the Interior report, which they said was done without proper consultation.

“We are not trying to push out the guest workers; we're just after our indigenous rights. We'd like to inform people and invite them to hear and voice their concerns about the Interior report,” he added.
Demapan reiterated yesterday that the event organizers want a status quo-meaning foreign workers will remain as foreign workers in compliance with the employment contracts they signed when they decided to come to the CNMI.

Based on 2008 data, the CNMI’s foreign worker population was estimated at over 23,500, exceeding the local workforce of over 12,000.

The indigenous rally will be held some two weeks after thousands of nonresident workers, their families and supporters held a motorcade and peaceful assembly to show strong support to the Interior report and recommendation of long-term immigration status for alien workers who have resided in the CNMI for at least five years.
The time to think about the impact of the foreign workforce on the indigenous population would have been thirty years ago when the numbers started rising and the infrastructure showed signs of strain; or when President Reagan chided the CNMI Government for the broken local system; or when President Clinton warned that federal law must be implemented because of the refusal of the CNMI to institute reform; or at any of the numerous congressional hearings when the CNMI Government was warned of the dire consequences of their out-of-control labor and immigration system. Not years after the foreign workers have become long-term residents and contributing and much-needed members of the community.

"Status quo" means that the supporters of the rally want to maintain the broken CNMI system and keep the foreign workers in the CNMI as a disenfranchised underclass with no social or political rights. Their concept is totally an un-American and undemocratic. It will not be accepted by the U.S. Congress and their attempts to maintain the local system (think PL 17-1) will be stopped soon enough.

The Saipan Tribune reports that some former Saipan "leaders" will be speaking at the rally including former governors, and mayors. The infamous Oscar Rasa will also be speaking. Other invited speakers are Congressman Kilili Sablan and candidate Juan Babauta. It will be interesting to see if they attend, and if they do what they have to say.

There is some controversy about the petition that Rose Hocog-Ada put on-line to protest the DOI report. Some signatories are former employers of foreign workers who have unpaid judgments totaling tens of thousands of dollars that they stole from their former employees. The CNMI Department of Labor and the Office of Attorney General have routinely failed to enforce the labor law and they failed to prosecute the employer-thieves that have unpaid judgments totaling over $6.1 million. They have permitted thousands of workers to be cheated while hundreds of employer-crooks never were held accountable for their despicable acts and are walking free in the community with their debts still unpaid.

Some foreign workers are calling for a boycott of businesses whose owners have signed the petition that opposes the Department of Interior Report. A recent comment on a previous post states:
All foreign workers:
Look at the petition site below:; if you see persons you know who own business(es) DO NOT patronize, show them that without you as patrons, they will not survive. They're not supporting us then don't support them too... keep on monitoring and study carefully, I am sure you knew these people.
If may be even more helpful to list the businesses that support status or long-term workers so that the foreign workers and their supporters can patronize those businesses.


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Anonymous said...

Where else but the CNMI do government employees get paid to rally against the federal government? What an embarrassment. Is it even legal? Should the OPA check it out? What happened to the agency that donated food bought with U.S. money to the Fitial campaigns? You can bet the food and beer will flow on Saturday. I heard that the government workers were told to show up and sign in.

Anonymous said...

Only if there is food, beer, and cigarettes will this be successful. Locals don't really care much about anything as long as their stomachs are full, their lungs are full of nicotine, and they got a good buzz on. Who cares about this or that, just give me a another beer and some BBQ. Hey, let's have a protest every weekend!! Good Times, in fact the slogan is true!! BETTER TIMES!

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From Title 1 of the Commonwealth Code:

§ 8534. Restraints on Use of Public Supplies, Services, Time, and Personnel for Campaign Activities.
(a) A public official or public employee shall not use public funds, time, personnel, or equipment for the public official or public employee’s private gain or that of another unless the use is authorized by law.
(b) A public official or public employee shall not use public funds, time, personnel, or equipment for political or campaign activity unless the use is:
(1) Authorized by law; or
(2) Properly incidental to another activity required or authorized by law.
(c) The Public Auditor may adopt rules specifying examples of political or campaign activity permissible or not permissible under this section.
Source: PL 8-11, § 1 (§ 8434); amended by PL 8-28, § 3.

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Could someone please write up a list of the businesses with owners who support status for the long-term workers?

Anonymous said...

The rally is being planned on government time with government resources. The petitions are being circulated in government offices. This is an anti-foreigner and anti federal government campaign funded by the Fitial Administration and your tax dollars. It is another flagrant waste of CNMI money.

Anonymous said...

3:45 could we have an organized boycott of the Liberation Day parade. After all we are NOT liberated. they want us to be their low-class workers kept poor and mouths taped forever.

Anonymous said...

"Could someone please write up a list of the businesses with owners who support status for the long-term workers?"

The core group of the previously held Motorcade have the company who provided donations. Please provide from the core group?

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good suggestion. count my family in

Anonymous said...

text this plan please! text brigade! this is the time to unite once again!

Anonymous said...

Although I am not really on board with the green card and citizenship stuff, I cannot resist the urge to use my marketing background to help you out.
Don't boycott the Liberation Day parade, embrace it with 200% of your being!! Why? If you want US green cards start acting like an American. Wave an American Flag and wave it higher than longer than any local ever thought of. What a scene that would be if thousands of workers were out waving "the flag".
Make sure the locals know who is waving. Make signs that say something like "Workers who love America" or "USA #1" or "We are Americans". Look, I am not asking that you 100% believe in it, but people that make the decisions do believe. And PLEASE, make sure someone has a camera and records every second. Get it up on YouTube and other places.
If you need an internal reason to do this remember you have a lot in common with the first American Freedom Fighters in 1776 that were trying to liberate themselves from the English. The 4th of July is the MOST PATRIOTIC DAY IN AMERICA and the CNMI has not really bought into that yet.
On July 4th, the contract workers will have a wonderful opportunity to show how much they want to be included in the American Family. Don't stay home a sulk! Make this the biggest day of your lives and future.
Not that I really believe that much in your cause, but the from a PR and Marketing standpoint it is an irresistable opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Noni 10:18 HA HA HA! You must work for the guv. and want your parade to be a huge success. Sorry, we are boycotting. Try your reverse psychology on some dummies. We have nothing to prove to the U.S. They KNOW who we are and what we support. They know we LOVE the USA. They read our letters and petitions. We are BOYCOTTING! BOYCOTT THE LIBERATION DAY AND BOYCOTT BUSINESSES WHOSE OWNERS SIGNED THE PETITION.

Anonymous said...

1:23 I couldn't AGREE more! BOYCOTT!

Anonymous said...

10:18 "not that I really believe that much in your cause..."

Who would listen to YOU?


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Anonymous said...

Anon 1:23,
Actually, I think you might be the government worker.
If you would just take a minute and listen to what you wrote:
We have nothing to prove to the U.S. (You have nothing to prove to the locals, you have a lot to prove to the USA). They KNOW who we are and what we support.(Really, who is they?). They know we LOVE the USA. (Again, really? And I guess the best way to show your LOVE for the USA is to boycott the biggest paroitic holiday of the year. If you love Jesue are you going to boycott Easter and Christmas?) They read our letters and petitions.(Again, who reads them?).
This is not "reverse psyc". You don't show how much you want something by showing how much you dispise it. Local folks, OK, alot of them don't care much about the USA (especially the Government people). No, I think the biggest problem would be that the locals might get really upset with you if you actually started to show your USA paroitism. They would really like it if you just stayed home and did not participate in, again,the MOST PATRIOTIC DAY IN AMERICA (forget the CNMI, don't confuse the two, the CNMI is not the one that is going to give you status)
And as far as it being success, do you think you NOT being there is going to make it unsuccessful? Really, think about it.
to Anon 10:18. Just because I am not on board with your cause does not mean you should not listen to me. Think about this logically without the emotion of the minute and you might see this as a better way to go.
One more thing. Boycott BAD. Buycott GOOD. Start being postive about things, not negative. Encourge people to GO TO the business that do support your cause, not buycott the ones that don't. Boycotts are not really that successful, but Buycotts can really work.
I am not a government worker, but a mainland local that is upfront about not really signing on with your cause, but I am a good American and if you want to become part of MY country (and at this part it is MY country) don't encourage people to dishonor a day that has been celebrated in the USA for over 200 years. I know the local folks are hard to deal with and they are looking at this from a totally different point of view than me. I don't care that much about their local self government, (they have done such a GOOD JOB :- over the years). You will convince more people like me through deeds more than words, (the locals talk a lot to)

Anonymous said...

Saipan was not "Liberated". It belonged to the Japanese before the war. Guam was "Liberated" because it was part of USA and was invaded the same day as Pearl Harbor. The Marines took it back on July 21st (Liberation Day on Guam) Again, if locals think that is Liberation Day instead of Independence Day then that is just another slap in the face to USA. As in "Our July 4th is more important than your July 4th. Pleeeeeese!! Starting to get the drift here? Locals have not really signed onto being a part of the USA.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 2:11 and Anonymous 10:18

I am not sure why you think the foreign workers would want to take advice from you or anyone else who does not support them being granted political and social rights. You claim to be a "mainland local". Well, mainland local, you said, I am not a government worker, but a mainland local that is upfront about not really signing on with your cause, but I am a good American and if you want to become part of MY country (and at this part it is MY country) don't encourage people to dishonor a day that has been celebrated in the USA for over 200 years."

I would question why a "good American" would not want thousands of hardworking people who have been on U.S. soil working and supporting the economy and community for decades to officially become part of the American family. I suppose the slave masters thought they were "good Americans" too. I think it is interesting that a person who supports a system that is un-American, undemocratic, and contrary to U.S. principles calls themselves a "good American." What is a "good American?" Someone who wears an American flag pin on his lapel? Someone who celebrates 4th of July? Someone who calls the United States MY country?

You say, "If you want to become part of MY country and then you lay out YOUR conditions. You sound very much like the governor and his supporters. "If you want to stay, jump through this hoop. If you want to transfer, jump through this hoop. If you like us, you will sign this paper. If you want to show loyalty, you will do this. Do this, do that, sign here, pay here, go here, stay there..."

The long-term foreign workers do not need to prove anything. The fact that they have been on U.S. soil working hard and contributing as productive community members paying taxes and paying fees to the CNMI government says it all. They do not have to support businesses that do not want them to have equal rights. They do not have to support events where they are welcome only to empty their pockets. They do not have to buy something at a store where the owner has publicly stated that he/she is against them having status. They to not need to wave a flag to prove that they should be part of the American Family. They do not need to attend Liberation Day if they do not want to. THEY NEED TO PROVE NOTHING TO YOU OR TO ANYONE ELSE WHO DOES NOT WANT THEM TO HAVE POLITICAL OR SOCIAL RIGHTS. NOTHING!

You moved to the CNMI and within 90 days you could vote. Well, there are workers who have lived and worked longer in the CNMI than the 18 years olds who can vote for the first time. So "good American" do you not think nothing is terribly wrong with that picture?

Your logic escapes me...

jmixson03 said...

Anon 2:11 and 2:18, if your message was sincere, why don't you sign your name, or do you have so much to lose by supporting "your country(s)" against the Gov, his cronies and your "fellow locals"?

Anonymous said...

they are all pretending to be Americans but their spirit and heart is not, they don't want competitor that's all!! childish!!!!!

Melberlin said...

You are such a smart person that is showing alertness and resourcefulness!

Don't worry we are always with you even in the background just to make sure you're not gonna get affected negatively.

Really admire you as a true American and not putting a claim and assert right and possession of this island... pretending to be an American.

the teacher said...

Noni 7:13, you asked "Could someone please write up a list of the businesses with owners who support status for the long-term workers?"

I can only speak for one small company and A1 Real Estate's two owners both support improved status for workers (not only long-term) and an unobstructed pathway to US citizenship.

I don't think a boycott of the Liberation Day parade is smart, helpful, or productive in any way shape or form, but the freedom to assemble, or not, is a protected right.

Anonymous said...

To Wendy:
First, I would be all for granting status for people that have been here "for decades" (at least 20 years), but I know what you mean so no big deal.
Slave Masters? Really? The slaves could not just pick up and go back to their home country any time they wanted to. I think we both know the comparsions are not appropriate.
On the "prove" point. Anyone that gets a green card or Citizenship has do just about all the things you mentioned (" If you want to show loyalty, you will do this. Do this, do that, sign here, pay here, go here, stay there...")
plus pay a lot of money. take tests, and swear before a judge.
Lots and Lots to do and yes, prove.
Everyone that came here came here to work. There was nothing at the bottom of the form that said "If you are here for five years you deserve to get a US green card". If there is I missed it.
As far as the Boycott, people can do whatever they want and I have no problem with that. What you might want to ask is how many contract workers the boycotted business employes and how many are going to lose their jobs because you decided to boycott their well-heeled local boss. Oh, you really showed them!!!
As far as supporting the economy let's face it most of the contract workers are not really "all in" in economy. The money does not have the normal circulation that happens other places. A great deal goes back to the PI or wherever. BIBA Philippines!!
As far as the voting goes, no I don't see anything wrong with that picture. They are not US citizens so they can't vote. When or if they become US citizens they can vote. If you are asking should they have had status years ago, well, that did not happen so it is a bit of a moot point. Also, the CNMI just became part of the territorial USA last November,so the USA has not had a dog in that specific hunt.
Good American: You said:" Someone who wears an American flag pin on his lapel? Someone who celebrates 4th of July? Someone who calls the United States MY country?"
Yes, to all the above and double if you are trying to get in.
Finally, when I say I am not really on board with you cause, I am also not against it either. You see, I am a guest here, not a local, I don't really want to interfere with their local issues. I do just sit back and watch, not picking a side, using Anon comments. It's kinda like a Football game for me and I'm in the cheap seats eating a hot dog. And a good games it is. If you are not 100% on board either side you are 100% on board THE OTHER SIDE! Wow! Let the games begin!!!!
Note: Actually, I am pulling for the workers, but don't tell anyone that!

Wendy said...

Anonymous 9:05

So sorry. I didn't realize you were Sarah Palin or I would not have debated you. You are way out there -no need to respond to someone who thinks their community is like watching a football game. ...

Anonymous said...

Liberation Day in the CNMI commemorates the release of the indigenous people from almost two years in U.S. internment camps on 4 July 1946 after brutal suffering during and before the Battle of Saipan and one of the highest per capita casualty rates suffered by any people anywhere in any war in history (except the Spanish-Chamorro war). Certainly much worse than Guam endured.

Never forget!