Gun-Gate: Still no clue where the gun is?

May 12, 2010

Law enforcement authorities took weapons from Vicente Aldan’s residence after the domestic violence incident in July 2009 according to Tinian police officers who testified via a teleconference with Superior Court Associate Judge David Wiseman. The guns included two .22 caliber rifles and three pellet guns. Still Aldan has not surrendered the silver handgun that was used in the domestic violence incident. He was ordered to surrender the weapon as a condition of his plea agreement.

Associate Judge David Wiseman is considering imposing an indefinite detention for Aldan who was scheduled to be released on June 7, 2010. He was sentenced to only six months in jail. Aldan used the silver handgun in a domestic violence incident holding it to the head of his former common-law-wife and pulling the trigger several times.

Vicente Aldan married the former Commissioner of the Department of Corrections, Dolores Aldan shortly after he was arrested. She is now the governor’s “special” advisor of political affairs. Mrs. Aldan allowed her jailed husband to take regular weekend furloughs when she was DOC Commissioner. In March 2010, Aldan asked the Attorney General Edward Buckingham to "review her husband's case."

No one will state whether or not the violent criminal is allowed weekend furloughs now that his wife is no longer at the DOC. Mrs. Aldan was present at the hearing yesterday.

Some new facts about the handgun were revealed at the hearing according to the Marians Variety:
Sgt. Elloy Fitial, the chief of operations, told the court he received a call in Nov. 2009 from Mrs. Aldan.
Mrs. Aldan’s “call” was pursuant to a court order for the defendant to surrender a firearm, Fitial said.

He said he then directed Officer Walter Villagomez to join him in fetching Mrs. Aldan from the airport and transporting her to Mr. Aldan’s residence.

Upon arrival at the residence, Fitial said they explained to the victim’s daughter the purpose of their visit.

“We did not conduct any search,” Fitial testified.

He added that Vicente Aldan told him the handgun was not at the residence.

Torres asked the court to summon the police log sheet that included information about transporting inmates.
I am not understanding why they even went to the residence at all if they were told that the gun was not there, and they did not have a search warrant. A Letter to the editor by Aldan's former common law wife describes the visit of the Aldan's and police officer's to her residence in November 2009 adding more speculation to what happened to the gun.

According to the Variety, the eight Tinian police officer were involved in a telephonic conference with Judge Wiseman were retired Police Capt. Sylvester Palacios; Detectives Anthony Borja and Melvin Monkeya; Sgt. Elloy Fitial; Officers Laura Cruz, Kioni Cruz, Jason Ayuyu, Napu Aldan, and Walter Villagomez. At least one officer said that Aldan did not tell the truth at the last hearing:
The whereabouts of the two .22 long rifles and three pellet guns seized by authorities were also not ascertained.

Officer Laura Cruz, who transported Vicente Aldan to the harbor en route to Saipan, denied the defendant’s earlier testimony that she was the source of the information that the handgun had been recovered by police.
When asked by Torres if Mr. Aldan was “lying” in his testimony to the court, Officer Laura Cruz said “yes.”
Officer Kioni Cruz, who also transported Aldan, corroborated Officer Laura Cruz’s testimony.
He said there was no discussion between them about Aldan’s case, or the handgun
At the May 7, 2010 hearing Aldan claimed he did not know where the gun was, but said that two Tinian police officers may know where it is. From the Saipan Tribune:
According to Aldan, he learned that the handgun was recovered by two Tinian police officers on the same day, July 2, 2009, while he was being escorted by other officers toward the harbor en route to Saipan.

Aldan said he placed the handgun on top of a plastic flower pot and covered it with a blue plastic sheet.

Days after being convicted, Aldan said he came back to the same residence on Nov. 11, 2009 to look for the handgun, but he could no longer find it.

Wiseman, in his written order after the hearing, said “the court found it is necessary…to continue the hearing and subpoena the two police officers implicated by [Aldan’s] testimony.”
According to KSPN2 NewsDolores Alan testified that she did not know the location of the gun:
Former Department of Corrections Commissioner Delores Aldan told the judge she didn't know where the gun was nor has she ever seen the weapon her husband pointed at his ex-wife last summer on Tinian. In court Monday, Aldan said he believed two police officers had the gun after overhearing their conversation the day he was arrested. But in court police denied that they had ever seen the gun. Wiseman asked Aldan if he thinks the police are hiding the weapon. He replied by saying "they'd do anything to protect themselves now." Judge Wiseman told the court he will task the Attorney General’s office with retrieving a police log… to determine what officers were involved during the time in question.
In April 2010 Judge Wiseman stated that his main concern was getting the gun off the street, but it has still not known where the gun is now. Was it hidden because it can be traced to another crime? Was it stolen or sold? Did Aldan have a license for the weapon? Did it belong to someone else?


Saipan Writer said...

It's even better! Today's Tribune reports how Dolores San Nicolas testified that a Tinian DPS officer lied on the stand!

just one big soap opera here!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes what a witness really means is that the other person testifying was incorrect.

Few of us have the ability to read minds and know another was willfully stating a falsehood, and there was no indication of circumstantial evidence so indicating.

Either defendant Aldan knows what happened to the gun or not. No one is going to admit taking it. It doesn't seem very fair to punish him if it wasn't in his custody and control.

Normally that is the sort of detail you make someone resolve prior to signing off on the plea agreement.

Anonymous said...

Noni 11:25 You are correct, also why did not the AG get the gun after they presented the plea deal to the Judge, before the defendant speared in court for the sentencing?
I am sure that Deloris was also aware of the proposed "deal" prior to the sentencing by the court.
There is too many "funny" things going on here. maybe the ex wife or one of the family got the gun as it was not really hidden.
Anybody could have stumbled across it, even some kids passing through or visiting the daughter.
But still the question remains, why after so many months did that "entourage" go back to the house if Aldon thought that the cops had the gun and why only now all of this comes out?
This will be interesting.
As far as punishing him, he took no action or complained until now as to my comments.
If he was concerned he should have taken the matter up with the AG in the beginning and not wait until this comes back to court.
Especially as he was on a "weekend pass" since he was incarcerated.