May 4, 2010

Controversial ex-felon, Felix Nogis who was hired by Fitial to be a consultant for the Department of Public Lands under a $60,000 sole source contract was "cited by the National Park Service" for allegedly littering at American Memorial Park.

The Saipan Tribune reported that on April 26, 2010 Nogis had reserved a table and reportedly left a large amount of trash near the park's softball field. Brain Piercy National Park Service ranger cited Nogis for littering. He is due in court May 18, 2010 with his attorney Joseph N. Camacho.

Nogis is the Chairman of the Committee to Elect Joseph N. Camacho who is running for Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives under the Covenant Party. Nogis was also a member of the Fitial-Inos Transition Review Committee.

Isn't it ironic that a consultant to the Department of Public Lands would be littering?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what the fine is, but is should be at least 500. for the first offense, 1,000. for the 2nd and repeat offenders should be banished from ever stepping foot on one of Americas most beautiful places.

Captain said...

So who is paying for his attorney. Since they are both Covenant. (Camacho for the time being until he finds another reason to switch sides)Is the tax payers footing this bill? I guess it can be tacked onto the "mysterious fund" that pays Jenner and Block.
This shows the arrogance of these political cronies that have not the slightest idea of what is going on.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Why would somebody running for Congress take on the defense of a litter bug?

Anonymous said...

good point angelo.

Saipan Writer said...

Next time he'll reserve the table in someone else's name.

Bet Nogis' defense is that it wasn't him.

Anonymous said...

Camacho is undoubtely volunteering his services pro bono.

There's more to this than meets the eye.

It was a "Camacho for Delegate" campaign function. Is that permitted on federal lands?

Were the feds singling him out because they oppose his anti-federalization stance?

This trial promises to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Felix the felon is a bully. He thinks he is untouchable because of his political connections. He now call the shots for the political appointees to attend the meetings for Joe Camacho. Non-attendance is a strike on the list.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The party was a campaign rally for Camacho. If you don't mind linking to my blog, I've got links to the Facebook album where pictures are posted of the hundreds of people in attendance. It wasn't just Felix that was there, several cabinet members that are also supposed to enforce the CNMI's litter laws were there.

Wendy said...

Hi Angelo:

What a great post! They probably took their tables that are stenciled with "Ben and Eloy 2009", so they could have taken the trash! I agree that leaving trash shows a huge amount of disrespect.

Anonymous said...


You may want to reconsider pushing for Cinta for Congress. She was at that rally too. Heck Gus Kaipat is in the last pic on your blog (he is holding the Camacho bumper sticker).

She should have orchestrated the clean up after this rally and practiced what she preaches. If she was so concerned with Beautifing the CNMI how did she not think about the trash after the rally?

And where is Cinta now? When this is coming out and Joe is representing Felix? Why hasn't she come out with the others in those photos and the others that were in attendance (Oscar B., Felicidad, etc) and man up and take responsibility.

This is top news. They know they were there. They know they left trash. Why not take responsibility. This administration is so fearful of responsibility.

Instead they cower and let Joe and Felix make a mockery of our litter laws. Guess cleaning this island takes a back seat to politics, especially with this administration.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:39. Who would want Cinta representing us in DC regardelss of litter or not!?

The Saipan Blogger said...

I'm not going to fight Cinta's fights for her; she wouldn't want me to. I can tell you that you'd probably agree with most of Cinta's values outside of her beliefs pertaining to labor and immigration issues. You shouldn't completely discount someone because you disagree with them on one issue.

Cinta was the only person in the Fitial Administration brave enough to support the monument. Ray Mafnas and Sylvan Igisomar and Ike Dela Cruz spent the better part of a year trying to get her fired, but she stood by her values and did what she believed was right. She's doing the same thing on labor and immigration; she has a different set of values from some anonymous blog posters and they think that makes her a bad person. She's not.

I'm also not pushing for Cinta. I'm supporting Jesse Borja. I merely said that the Covenant Party should have run someone besides Joe. Joe has loyalty issues.

I also wouldn't attack the people who attended the party. The responsibility for the cleanup lies on the shoulders of the Camacho campaign. They threw the part; they should clean up. If they needed help, the should have asked.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to know if the offense is an "infraction," in which case strict liability might apply, or something more serious, in which case it would violate due process to punish the person tasked with reserving the site for the sins of others.

This case could go all the way to the Ninth Circuit!

Anonymous said...


Do you ever think before you write?

You said, "you'd probably agree with most of Cinta's values outside of her beliefs pertaining to labor and immigration issues."

When did I mention her other "beliefs" and how I feel about them? I may love her philosophy on labor. That is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the lady that tells people to pick up there trash after partying at the beach, left a huge beach party without thinking of cleaning up.

You can say that it is not her responsibility because she didn't organize the party. That thinking is what causes this island to continue to be littered. IT IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY.



When you attend a party or a gathering, look around. Are there trash bins or bags for you and your buddies to dispose of your beer cans and heavy duty plastic ware? If you see boxes of Bud Light and other trash tossed around the trees and bottles and cans littering the ground and no trash bag in sight you should pull out a few BC trash bags and tie them to the tree. May the one behind the DEEP FREEZER (can anyone say Gluttony).

Another thing you can do is find the host and ask if you can coordinate a clean -up effort after the party is over. Trust me, it will be rewarding when it is done. Yes, I realize that the news crews are not here and no Press Release was sent out but there is still pleasure in picking up the trash when no one is looking. Some would say it feels better than when they are.

I know it is simple to say, "It isn't my party. Why should I care or feel responsible?". It may not be your party but you are at a party on YOUR island. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your island.

Practice these simple steps at all gatherings of all sizes. Do the same at local festivals and fiestas too. Do the same thing when you are in other lands close and far.


Make whatever excuse you want. All those in attendance contributed in some way to the litter that was left behind. Even if all they did was look away and not take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I was and am a strong supporter of the BE Administration, but no way am I voting for Joe Camacho for Delegate.

Just because Governor Fitial may feel honor- and duty-bound to endorse him because of his support in the run-off election, doesn't mean I have to.

That is one of the sordid things about politics, people have to make all kinds of "deals with the devil."

But the position of Delegate to Congress is not like the CNMI Legislature, where the Governor is forced to "do favors" even to legislators he really despises for their corruption, because it is the only to get things done.

This is our voice to the U.S. Congress! Not the Governor's (even though I support him and think his many critics, including those commenting on this blog, have been unfair), not the Legislature's. Ours!

Frankly, I think Kilili has been doing fine as our first delegate. If anything, he is too humble, but you don't want to alienate colleagues. I certainly don't want Juan Nekai Babauta, who was personally even more corrupt and crooked than most CNMI governors and some of whose staff were almost as bad as Fitial's.

The way someone like J.J.N. Camacho runs his campaign functions (littering) and the aftermath, not to mention how he operated during his single term in the legislature, says a lot about him.

I prefer someone with integrity, honesty and ability.

Kilili and Jesus C. Borja have that.

Borja is qualified by formal education and experience on our Supreme Court and as Lt. Governor.

Kilili is qualified by street smarts and experience as a legislator, Election Commission Director (noted for his fairness), and most importantly, his on-the-job training as our Delegate, where he has been doing, in many people's view, "pretty darn good."

While Glen Hunter likes to attack people with foreign-born spouses who don't support immediate Green Cards for All as being hypocrites, many of us prefer analysis to emotion, and adhering to the rule of law.

Either Greg or Jesse would be good at doing that for us in the 112th Congress.

Anonymous said...

And by the way littering violations are not limited to the person that reserved a spot. If anyone, even a party goer, is seen throwing trash on the ground they can be cited for littering.

Anonymous said...

These are federal citations.

Local citations are almost never issued, because the CNMI Legislature made the "mandatory minumum" fine so high (in an attempt to show how "tough on crime" they are) that everyone from police, prosecutors, to judges feels sorry about the freakish consequences to the random few who happen to get tagged.

The mandatory minimum should be repealed.

The Saipan Blogger said...

No, usually I just type and hit send. These are blog comments, not my Ph.D dissertation.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The maximum fine for littering in the CNMI is about half the minimum fine in the mainland United States. Littering is a serious crime that is not taken seriously in the CNMI. If anything, the littering fine should be increased.

The Saipan Blogger said...

and the CNMI is notoriously soft on crime. There is a story in today's Variety about a rapist who got off on $200 bail.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The problem lies with government workers not wanting to do their jobs. There are plenty of volunteers who have been cleaning the streets and beaches for years who would love to see some of the litter bugs on the island get nailed with some $500 tickets. I don't see why the concerns of people who break the law are put before those who follow it.

Anonymous said...

"likes to attack people with foreign-born spouses who don't support immediate Green Cards for All as being hypocrites.

Is it still an attack if it is true? Are they not hypocrites and selfish ones at that?

They have no problem with the woman or man they love being a foreign worker who gets a pathway to citizenship but they have a problem with everyone else in the same category that chooses not to sleep with them.

Sounds like a selfish hypocrite to me. And I am not Glen but I applaud him if said that too!

Anonymous said...


I suggest you stop and think. I realize this is not a PHD dissertation but let us not make it an echo chamber for your stupid comments.

"The problem lies with government workers not wanting to do their jobs.

The problem lies with each person that litters, condones littering, facilitates littering, sees litter and does nothing, see litterers and says nothing and is not proactive in combating litter in the community. The problem, Angelo, is only heightened by hypocrites who preach litter control and then attend parties at which local leaders and themselves litter because they think no one is watching.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Blaming one attendee is ridiculous. This obviously isn't about being level-headed with you; it is about making outlandish accusations.

A member of the 16th Legislature wanted to lower the litter fines, but didn't hold public hearings and didn't ask anyone who actually does the cleaning up on the island to comment.

I say fine the people. If the government were to hand out a few of those $500 fines, Beautify CNMI would find here wasn't much for them to pick up on the weekends. Then they'd be able to focus on planting trees and building trails and painting over graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Jacinta M. Kaipat is a liar, a bigot and a bully. She may pretend otherwise when it suits her, but she is not someone I would want representing me in D.C.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, then, that she's not running! I think she's doing a great job at Labor. We need her there.

Anonymous said...


What is ridiculously obvious is your bias for Cinta (the party goes that contributed to the littering incident).

That is the problem with this small island. People forgo their beliefs and their ethics when important matters touch those close to them (family or friends).

We need leaders in this community that do what is right ALL the time. Not waiver depending on who they are dealing with and how they are related.

It is not an easy thing to do. But, it is the right thing. It is hard but in the long run you end up with a better community.

Anonymous said...

Really? What is she doing there? Labor no longer has any authority over alien workers. What is she doing besides trying to drive away the few remaining businesses on island, and putting a local face on the syphilitic ravings of her ghostwriter volunteer?

Anonymous said...

10:59 a.m. noni

please be nicer. she needs a job too just like all of us. where do you intend to put her? at the airport security,hotel's HR office, ombudsman office, WIC office, NAP office, DPS or other government offices that we most often visit?. for heaven's sake, leave her alone. there at labor, there's only a small chance of bumping into her. we dont need to go to labor office anymore. the more i don't see her, the better my life is.

Anonymous said...

On Pagan

The Saipan Blogger said...

The only bias that is showing is your own.