May Day: Rallies, Marches, U.S. Congressman Arrested

Union Square, New York City Newscom photo

May 1, 2010

May 1st is celebrated worldwide as International Workers' Day. There were protests and marches across the globe from Athens to Chile to Hong Kong to the Ukraine.

In the U.S. demonstrators in 80 cities protested the Arizona immigration law and marched in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Cuban born Gloria Estefan addressed over 60,000 protesters in Los Angeles. Her message was that "immigrants are hardworking people, not criminals."

Rep. Luis Guiterrez ( D-Illinois) was arrested along with three dozen people at the White House. I admire Rep. Guiterrez for his work to ensure that comprehensive immigration reform becomes a reality. I heard him speak at a meeting in May 2009 where the Hispanic and Asian Caucuses met with leaders to discuss reform.

The Hill reported:
Guiterrez had been speaking to a crowd of hundreds at Lafayette Square when he announced that he was going to go to the White House fence with other protesters, sit down, and not move until he was arrested or until comprehensive immigration reform was signed.

Gutierrez, who chanted "Si se puede" ("Yes, it is possible") along with other demonstrators, linked arms with other protesters and took a seat along the White House fence. He was warned to move by police, and when he did not comply he was arrested with a few dozen other protesters.

The crowd chanted the congressman's name as he was led onto the bus.

Gutierrez was wearing a T-shirt that read, "Arrest me, not my friends."
Huge rallies were also held in New York City, Phoenix, Chicago, and Houston.


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