Nepotism and Politics Thriving at CNMI Department of Labor

May 3, 2010

Yesterday the Marinas Variety reported that the CNMI Department of Labor was hiring unqualified political supporters. The article stated that among those hired was the governor's nephew. A complaint filed with the CNMI Department of Labor and Office of Personnel Management stated that the recent reorganization at DOL violates the personnel rules and regulations. From the article:

Those who were “displaced and dislocated” were qualified senior personnel of the job placement and career counseling sections.

Their replacements were employees whose previous work involved casual tasks like barracks inspection.

A document obtained by Variety showed that all the assignments for unqualified personnel were not advertised.

“This process is to attract, select and retain the most qualified civil servants on merit and shall hold their offices or positions free from coercion, discrimination, reprisal or political influence,” according to a complaint filed with the Office of the Personnel Management and the secretary of the Department of Labor.

The complaint, which was filed by a Labor employee, stated that five unqualified personnel have been tasked to carry the programs of the Division of Employment Services and Training under the supervision of another worker who “does not have any managerial experience but is a labor certification reviewer.”

The complaint stated that the Labor official who is delegating inappropriate assignments is a close blood relative of the unqualified staff members.
Today Kaipat defended the department's reorganization saying that it was authorized by law. (PL 17-1).

According to the Marianas Variety the complaint requested the Office of Personnel Management to "recall the assignments made because of blood relationships because they suggest a "looming family dynasty' within the DOL."

Nepotism and political favors in the Fital Administration are not just limited to DOL.


Anonymous said...

Aren't there a few relatives who were just released from prison who could get hired?