People To Pay to Hear Siemer's Spin

May 22, 2010

Fitial's mouthpiece and attorney-volunteer for the CNMI Department of Labor, Deanne Siemer will appear by teleconference to answer questions on CNMI unconstitutional and sure to be challenged labor law, PL 17-1. The Saipan Tribune reports that people are being asked to pay between $20 and $30 for the privilege of hearing Siemer speak "via video teleconference."

Perhaps they should also invite some federal officials to enlighten the employers as to how the CNMI Department of Labor no longer has authority over issues related to the foreign workforce.

From the Saipan Tribune:
Siemer will explain, through the power of modern teleconferencing technology, how the CNMI Department of Labor has been restructured and what its new role is with regard to employment of citizens, permanent residents, foreign national workers, and nonimmigrant aliens in the Commonwealth.

She will also summarize the new workforce participation and job preference requirements as well as the rules and regulations for umbrella permits, worker transfers, alien worker registration and identification cards, labor investigations, dispute resolution, reporting requirements, nonresident ownership in CNMI businesses, and the new labor fee schedule.

The consequences of not following the new rules and regulations (i.e., possible imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or fine of not more than $500 or both) will be discussed and the session will conclude with a question and answer period.
The idea of the CNMI issuing a foreign national ID is unconstitutional. Where are you U.S. Department of Justice?


Anonymous said...

Wendy (I assume) wrote:
"Perhaps they should also invite some federal officials to enlighten the employers as to how the CNMI Department of Labor no longer has authority over issues related to the foreign workforce".

This is true in some respects, but the DOL will still have a lot to say about the contract labor work force. While the Feds have the ultimate control, the local folks still call some of the tunes. Yes, under the guise of the Feds, but many of the same rules, local or Federal, are still in place. The local minimum quota, JVA's (at their website) and other areas.
With the uncertainity of the Contract worker labor force (at least on an individual level) some companies will simply find it easier in the long run to hire a local if available. The availability is a big question, but that is the plight of the contract worker. Good, solid worker vs. Fair local worker. Local worker might win out at this point and that is exactly what the Feds want to see happen. It is what the CNRA is all about. The CNRA is not about giving people status, but getting them off the island as soon as possible and back to their home country. Now, you and the Contract Workers might not like that, but it is the law and until it is changed or amended it will go forward. I, and most other people, expect it to be amended.
Until then, it might be more useful to include a little tidbit now and again about what is going in the US vs Mexico immigration battle. I know people here are not illegal, but the Mexicans are fighting for what the the CNMI Contract Workers already have. At least Guest Worker (Legal) status. I am not sure that the Feds are going to address the needs of the Contract Workers until they take care of the southern border.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 5:00

I am not talking about basic functions of the DOL that the states also have. I am talking about the places (and there are many) that the CNMI DOL oversteps its authority in its pathetic attempt to keep the foreign workers until its thumb and to fill its coffers. The ones that are sure to be challenged in court. No the CNMI does not have the authority to issues national Ids or a variety of other functions that they claim to have in PL 17-1.

You are going to tell me what to write on my blog? Get your own blog and write about any "tidbit" that you wish.

Predict away. No one is sure, but status for the long-term foreign contract workers is LONG, LONG, LONG overdue. Justice is LONG, LONG, LONG overdue. Do not attempt to lump the situation in the mainland with the disgusting evil, corrupt, CNMI DOL-run system in the CNMI.

Furthermore, I know the Mexicans, I work with farm workers' issues and I support several agencies here. I know NO Mexican who is striving to be a permanent indentured servant in the U.S. without any social and political rights as is being pushed by Fitial and others who do not support American ideals and democratic principles.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 5:00

You seriously think that the CNRA will be amended to support the evil local system? Dream on.

Captain said...

I thought that I already read that at the "hearing" that DOI already stated that the DOL and the NMI have already interfered and have made illegal changes and attempting to control areas and creating other problems concerning the Fed takeover.
They listed many things that was causing confusion and that they were intruding into areas that was not their concern.

Wendy said...

Exactly, Captain.

Anonymous said...

Labor has no authority over the foreign workforce, only the entire workforce. They cannot create quotas. An employer can hire 100% h-visa workers if they cannot find U.S. resident workers. CNMI DOL does not control JVA's. There is no federal requirement that a job be posted in the CNMI labor website. As far as employers hiring local workers, the Saipan Grand hotel has a current JVA for an electrican at $4.55/hr., Coca Cola has a refrigeration mechanic at $4.55/hr., and PIC has 2 accountant positions starting at $5/hr. The CNMI DOL is deliberately suppressing wages in the private sector by allowing minimum wage for all job categories. The CRNA is about allowing the indigenous and u.s. citizen guest worker descendants to return to the CNMI after college graduation and be able to get a job if they do not have connections for public sector work.

Anonymous said...

Congress will probably grant some sort of improved status but certainly no Green Cards or immediate US Citizenship. Not this decade anyway. The American voter will decimate any politician who supports the displacement of 20,000 American jobs.

Tony Babauta and Pam Brown's careers should be over soon when word get's out that Obama supports introducing thousands of welfare cases to the recession. Federal Law will prevail here. ZERO GUEST WORKERS by 2014. I think some kind of work visa program should be dealt to keep the cheap skilled labor working but that's it. Maids, dancers, plumbers, etc.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong. Who are you, Siemer? GB? Or some other It's green card status or goodbye workers. Tony and Pam will never have to worry about their jobs.

Anonymous said...

“[W]hen word get's out” (sic)?

At least one of your putative authors is highly unlikely to make that error, and is not in the habit of opining that people's careers should be over.

A constructive community dialog is best focused on the merits (or lack thereof, in this instance) of the issues commented upon, not speculation about the author's identity or on personal attacks.

Such sideshows detract from the important policy matters at hand.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 7:23

I agree. Since the person who made the comment is anonymous, any guesses as to the identity are speculative.

These are very serious issues. The CNMI government has flagrantly and illegally overstepped authority and must be stopped. This is the cause of much confusion and is impeding the smooth transition of the CNRA.