Robin Hood Shot Down

May 22, 2010

As I predicted in April 2010, the case claiming that the Chamorro and Carolinian people were denied tribal rights was dismissed.

Pity the judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth District who were bombarded by poorly written, discombobulated briefs from Attorney Paul Risenhoover representing Robin Hood International Human Rights Legal Defense Fund and the National Chamorro Association of the Mariana Islands. In the bizarre lawsuit, Rota resident Glen Manglona claimed that the indigenous people of the CNMI were victims of genocide because "they were stripped of their “Native Indian tribal” identity when their Covenant with America was enacted in 1976."

U.S. Attorney Theodore Atkinson who represented the U.S. government in Fitial's anti-federalization lawsuit also represented the U.S. government in this lawsuit that was dismissed last week.

The Order issued May 19, 2010 states:
Before: LEAVY, RAWLINSON and CALLAHAN, Circuit Judges.
Petitioner has not demonstrated that this case warrants the intervention of this court by means of the extraordinary remedy of mandamus. See Bauman v. United States Dist. Court, 557 F.2d 650 (9th Cir. 1977). Accordingly, the petition is denied.

All pending motions are denied as moot.

No motions for reconsideration, rehearing, clarification, stay of the mandate, or any other submissions shall be filed or entertained in this closed docket.
I am not surprised that the judges ruled that no other submissions "shall be filed or entertained." Imagine getting 97 motions and exhibits that contained disjointed cut and paste paragraphs from a variety of sources. I can imagine how the judges felt because Risenhoover sent me numerous uninvited and unappreciated email with briefs and argumentative garbage since I wrote the April post criticizing the lawsuit. (Even though I asked numerous times to be removed from his spam list.)

The Marianas Variety reported in a May 17, 2010 article:
Radio talk show host Glenn Manglona, president of the association, said Dr. Paul Risenhoover of Robin Hood International Human Rights Legal Defense Fund, which is based in Taiwan, is determined to win their case.

Although a New York judge once described Risenhoover as a “fraudulent opportunist,” Manglona said their lawyer won many other cases in the U.S. and other jurisdictions.

Manglona said Risenhoover is a licensed attorney in Oklahoma and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and can appear before the United Nations International Court of Justice.
Some of the following background on Risenhoover and the case is from an April 2010 Unheard No More! post:

Dr. Paul Risenhoover of Robin Hood International Human Rights Legal Defense Fund filed the 200-page lawsuit against the federal government on behalf the National Chamorro Association of the Mariana Islands according to the Saipan Tribune. The National Chamorro Association of the Mariana Islands president is former alleged labor abuser Glenn H. Manglona. (Domestic helpers on Saipan and on Rota filed labor cases against the former Rota Director of Labor and more recently fishermen filed a case against him for nonpayment of wages.)

From the Tribune:
The Legal Defense Fund also filed a draft pleading with the International Court of Justice on behalf of the “native Chamorro and Carolinian Indian nationals and Formosans,” concerning the U.S. and Japan's violations of duties and responsibilities to protect Chamorros and Carolinians under a Treaty of Peace between the two countries.

“What this lawsuit tries to accomplish is to invoke Chamorro and Carolinian rights as tribal people. We have certain rights that are not being provided by the U.S. government. In a nutshell, we can make the Covenant better. It's not perfect but we can make it better for us,” said Manglona.

The Legal Defense Fund said that while U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Paul L. Friedman has upheld the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service's issuance of the rules to be acceptable to the statutory and Covenant authority of Congress, he has not ruled on whether the Constitution gives Congress the authority to enter into the Covenant.
I downloaded some of the "legal" documents filed in this case, and seriously could not make sense of them. They did not look like legal documents, but like drafts cut and pasted by someone outside of the legal profession. Here are some of the legal (?) documents filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Court.

It's ironic that the leader of a so-called “human rights organization” was involved with promoting the violation of human rights. Dr. Risenhoover promoted the recruitment of innocent Palauans and Micronesians to work in the filthy and abusive Agriprocessor Plant in Postville Iowa. (See this post: Baloney)

In an August 2008 news article Dr. Paul Risenhoover called for workers from the Marshalls, Palau and other Micronesian Islands to work in the non-union, abusive meat packing plant.

The article stated: “The factory owners are Orthodox Jews who produce Kosher religious meat for Jewish families and many Seventh Day Adventists, purchase their Kosher meats.” I guess they cared how their meat was prepared, but were not concerned that workers were abused and their human rights were denied. A Marianas Variety article also covered the news saying that Dr. Risenhoover told Palauans of the “opportunity” during an Austronesian Forum in 2008.

His recruitment of workers took place after the well-publicized outrage and exposure of illegalities and abuses at the plant. In May 2008 the plant was the site of an immigration raid that led to the arrest of 389 illegal workers and eventual charges against former executive Sholom Rubashkin and several managers.

In April 2009 Elizabeth Billmeyer, personnel manager, was convicted of one count of conspiracy to harbor undocumented aliens for profit and one count of knowingly accepting false resident alien cards. In September 2009 the chief financial officer of Agriprocessor Plant, Mitchell Meltzer, pleaded guilty to conspiracy for making false statements to a bank.

Risenhoover is a board member of the Free China Movement. He has quite the controversial past. In 2007 he was deported from Taiwan, blacklisted, and denied reentry for six months. He filed a court case challenging passport denial for being behind in child support payments. A Wikepedia article states:
"The Court characterized Risenhoover's complaint as "a scrambled collection of conspiracy allegations and unexplained citations to federal statutes." Risenhoover maintained that he was subject to certain cognitive disorders and should not be discriminated against on this basis. Risenhoover argued he was effectively in custody, wherever he was, because he was unable to travel internationally without a passport.

Due to the unstructured nature of Risenhoover's pleadings it is difficult to ascertain what ultimately happened but it is clear from the exhibits that he flew from Kaohsiung to Tokyo on February 26, 2006. Further he complained of ill-treatment by the authorities at or about that time.
He lost the case.

Dr. Risenhoover is apparently well-known in courtrooms. In 1999 The New York Times reported that a judge threw out out a lawsuit concerning selling human organs. The judge called Risenhoover a “fraudulent opportunist.”

From the article:
Federal charges against two men accused of conspiring to sell human organs taken from Chinese prisoners were dismissed yesterday by a judge who sharply criticized the Government for building its case around an informant she denounced as ''a fraudulent opportunist.''
Judge Deborah A. Batts of United States District Court in Manhattan said the informant, Paul Risenhoover, had been seeking to overthrow the Chinese Government and might have entrapped the two defendants. She said Mr. Risenhoover was now refusing to return from abroad to appear at trial, which denied the defendants their Constitutional right to cross-examine him.
The The NY Daily News had this to say about the case:
In a caustic, 155-page decision, the judge attacked the government's case, zeroing in on the use of informant Paul Risenhoover, who admits to opposing the Communist government of China "by any means necessary."
Risenhoover has "his own political, personal and possibly financial agendas, and he seems to operate on the premise that his desired ends justify any means," Batts wrote.
You can get an idea of Risenhoover's political views by reading this 2005 letter to the editor he wrote concerning Taiwan’s independence.

Glen Manglona is also not without controversy. In May 2008 Associate Judge David Wiseman issued a Temporary Restraining Order against Manglona and his wife, Elizabeth "to stay at least 100 yards away from the plant, equipment, and fishing vessels owned by the Northern Marianas Fisheries Inc. and Crystal Seas CNMI Inc. located near the airport on Rota."

From the Marianas Variety:
In issuing the TRO, Wiseman enjoined the Manglonas from staying at least 100 yards from the office, its equipment and documents of Northern Marianas Fisheries Inc. and Cystal Seas CNMI Inc. located in Songsong, Rota, and the same distance from the residence of the reported majority shareholder, Rockford Lee Zietzke.

According to court documents, Glenn Manglona is currently listed as the registered agent, a director and the vice-president/secretary of both corporations. Elizabeth Manglona is listed as a minority shareholder of the corporations.

Wiseman said the TRO shall expire at the date of the hearing on May 27, 2008, unless extended by the court.
Manglona allegedly attempted to keep the majority shareholder from entering the office on Rota and threatened to "do bodily harm" to the majority shareholder, Rockford Lee Zietzke.

In February 2009 Superior Court Associate Judge Ken Govendo issued another temporary retraining order against Glen Manglona and two others "to prevent three landowners from harassing or contacting the Commonwealth Development Authority and the Northern Marianas Housing and their staff on Rota."

From a February 18, 2009 Saipan Tribune article:
“Due to Glenn H. Manglona's prior trespasses on the property, and the family's intimidation and harassment of CDA's previous tenant, CDA, NMHC, and their employees and clients all have justifiable concern for their health, welfare and safety,” Smith said.

He said NMHC's programs are created by federal mandate and overseen by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and that interruption of NMHC's services threatens these important federal programs.

He underscored the importance to have a TRO in order to allow CDA, NMHC, and their employees and agents access to the property, and to protect them from immediate and irreparable harm.
It would be interesting to know how many people belong to the National Chamorro Association of the Northern Marianas and how many people actually backed the lawsuit.


Robin Hood Terminator said...

This Risenhoover fellow is clearly a crackpot. I would also point out that the "Robin Hood International Human Rights Legal Defense Fund" is completely fraudulent. I have some lawyer contacts in Taiwan and they have told me that there is no such Legal Defense Fund registered in Taiwan, Japan, China, CNMI, or the USA.

I strongly suggest that all human rights organizations in the CNMI and elsewhere cut off all contact and communication with Risenhoover at an early date. Moreover, if your email program has a "junk filter," you are best advised to set up the appropriate filter for Risenhoover's many email addresses, so that all his email correspondence goes directly to your Junk Box.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL). It is not just any pro-se case of personal or individual self-representation. This looks like a pattern of abuse.

Anonymous said...

Risenhoover is NOT an attorney anywhere. He is practicing law without a license and anyone who hires him had best check his credentials. His so called legal output is gibberish. Furthermore he does not have a US passport anymore and could not set foot in the US to appear in court in any event.

Anonymous said...

Would Saipan like to prosecute him for UPL?

I am almost certain that getting a CNMI arrest warrant would mean the Taiwanese would be willing to also declare him persona nongrata. He'd be sent to CNMI from Taiwan in the unofficial deportation proceeding to remove a problematic alien.

Anonymous said...

"Manglona said Risenhoover is a licensed attorney in Oklahoma and the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and can appear before the United Nations International Court of Justice."

In truth, Risenhoover is not an attorney but he is a former FBI informant who was called out by a federal judge for lying and causing the false detention of an innocent man. Risenhoover is a fraud and has no current US passport due to unpaid child support obligations. Risenhoover also appears by his own admission to have some mental lapses. I feel sorry for anyone who has been conned into hiring this jerk. Further he has been dunning various personalities like Chen Shui-bian and the President of Paulau with claims for millions of imaginary dollars owed him.