Stop the Leak!

May 26, 2010

Sunday's Orlando Sentinel contained pages of stories about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that worsens by the minute. The front page story revealed that the design of the exploded well was "cheaper, faster and riskier."

Inside were stories of endangered wildlife, the depressing fact that the oil has reached into the fragile wetlands, the destruction of the seafood industry, and news that one of my favorite former U.S. Senators, Bob Graham will co-chair the Gulf spill panel.

Also inside the front page section was this full page ad from BP describing what they are doing to stop the spill. It listed the numbers where people could call to report oil on the shoreline, impacted wildlife, and spill-related claims. BP you are not doing enough. Your response is inadequate. Stop the propaganda and stop the leak already!

I agree with Louisiana native James Carville who is begging President Obama to take control of this situation and stop this disaster. I cannot believe that the Secretary of the Department of Interior called for a moratorium on drilling and yet waivers continue to be granted for new drilling projects.

Oil-soaked pelican: Photo by AP


Anonymous said...

this is an ecological disaster beyond comprehension, that will have significant, negative impacts for decades.

Obama has shown a distinct lack of leadership on this issue.