YES TO IMPROVED STATUS Motorcade and Assembly

May 10, 2010

What: “Yes to Improved Status” Unity Movement Motorcade & Assembly
When: Sunday, May 16, 2010 starting at 2:00pm
Where: From Kilili Beach to American Memorial Park
Why: To show support for the U.S. Secretary of Interior’s recommendations of long-term status for legal aliens who have resided in the CNMI for five years or more, and to urge U.S. Congress to act quickly on the recommendations.
Who: All members of the community are invited

All the people of the Northern Mariana Islands are invited to join in the Unity Movement Motorcade & Assembly on Sunday, May 16, 2010 beginning at Kilili Beach at 2:00pm and ending at American Memorial Park at 5:00pm.

The purpose of the Unity Movement Motorcade & Assembly is to show support for the U.S. Secretary of Interior’s recommendations for long-term status for legal alien workers who have resided in the CNMI for five years or more; to urge U.S. Congress to act quickly on the recommendations; and to bring the entire community together in support of long-term status for legal aliens in order to stabilize the workforce and keep families together.

The May 16 Motorcade & Assembly program will include inspirational messages, cultural entertainment, and the launching of several petitions that will showcase community-wide support for long-term status for guest workers, including support from local businesses, faith-based organizations, and residents across the CNMI, including Rota and Tinian. Sample letters and addresses of members of Congress will also be distributed.

All participants are asked to wear white on May 16, symbolizing both peace and hope, and are invited to bring their own signs and banners showing their support of long-term status.


malou berueco said...

most leaders are UNITED again for a common goal!...UNITY MOVEMENT 2010!

the teacher said...

I am in full support of the efforts, actions, and recommendations of the DOI, and I have always supported an improved status with an unobstructed path to citizenship for legal documented contract workers. I also think a motorcade or concerted action is a terrible idea, and I do not think it is warranted. An action should draw a response and the response to this will not be the one you had wished for, as I would expect it to spark a local backlash.

The US will not act on this without a favorable consensus among CNMI citizens, and that is a missing element that marching or highlighting the case will harm, jeopardize, and antagonize MANY locals that generally favor some form of improved status.

To imagine the US passing widespread citizenship contrary to the wishes of local citizens, especially with so many unanswered questions, is in my opinion, an unrealistic dream. This will further divide our community and further alienate middle road citizens.

Local citizens, and I mean Chamorro and Carolinians, have been extremely patient, caring, and thoughtful about this sensitive issue. While a few locals like Greg and Stanley have voiced their opinions, most have been silent and are generally for fair treatment for all residents and have nothing but respect for foreign born workers. Unity marchers would be well advised to not alienate this group of citizens, and quite frankly, many don’t think blanker citizenship is fair to their unemployed children.

Leaders may be in unity for citizenship, but that would be about the only thing they would all agree on. I would guess there were working groups splintering off discussing individual agendas and angles before they got home from the strategy meeting.

Do workers support all aliens getting green cards or citizenship, even those who haven’t had an employer in a decade, even those who committed immigration fraud by operating businesses for years, even hiring and committing labor abuse and non-payment of their own against other handcuffed foreign nationals? Are workers unified for granting citizenship to former garment owners here and their unethical recruiters? I am not, and if the Congress approves permanent residency, they should be screened like everyone else or it will be doing an injustice and disservice to the citizens here. That issue is the central obstacle holding back the status of real contract guest workers. I can’t believe anyone would ask for free green cards or citizenship and those who do will have few supporters. Just imagine pleading a case that says “I want citizenship free because I have no money because I remit it all abroad and I would like to now bring my relatives here as well so they can also avail themselves of aid for free”. I would hope the US would never confer citizenship on criminals or immigration fraudsters. This law could make the NMI much better, or much worse.

The idea of a transition period is to sort out the facts and resolve concerns over time with fair play to all. The federal takeover has been effective to this point and will improve the lives of residents. I think Congress should wait until the Sept. regulations are in force past 2011 to have a clear understanding of the best way to move forward.

There are few to no local citizens working on Beach Rd, Middle Rd, and Garapan, I feel a main component of federalization is to fix that problem.

Wendy said...

Hello Malou: YES there is unity in 2010!

It is commendable that the foreign workers are unified to express two of the only rights that they possess -freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Wishing you all a very successful motorcade, assembly and campaign for social and political rights!

Captain said...

I tend to agree with "Teacher" on this one. Some of the comments and correspondence I have heard from many, this may not be such a wonderful idea.
If any major confrontation arises, the local cop shop will "dig and run".
They are ill equip nor trained for crown control.
But as this will transpire anyways, hopefully because of some of the "locals" involved, unwanted physical consequences may be averted.
Be safe all.

Anonymous said...

Once again I say it's wise to listen to one's teacher. Well said, Ron.

Anonymous said...

Well done is sick than comfortably said.

sue said...

go out again and join a peacefull rally, let us join our friends and supporters of ocw expressing our freedom, dept of interior needs your part now-ocw where will stand up?

Anonymous said...

Well done is well-advised b wealthier than well said.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the international media that you are inviting. Once the world sees that you are demanding U.S. citizenship at the cost of an indigenous population and culture, popular opinion will turn against you. I believe that if what you are asking for is granted, the indigenous people will take retribution in any legal form possible. You are forcing the indigenous to defend their homeland, as the threat to lose it is at hand. Make all the excuses and misinformation you want, you are uniting the People of the CNMI is a "Cause". That "Cause" is to save our homeland from a hostile force.

Anonymous said...

7:18 We can tell the international media that the people that sat silent and allowed thousands to be cheated want to keep them without rights. We can tell them how the people who brought in the foreign workers to the islands to make themselves the minority, are now crying about it. We can tell them about the people who took and took from the foreign workers but don't have the moral fiber to give them rights. That is what the international media will hear. Let the world hear.

Anonymous said...

Splendidly done is richer reconsider than comfortably said.

Anonymous said...

A vast, vast majority of the locals had no power over the abusive garment owners.

Wiping out the indigenous control of the land they have lived in for thousands of years as a consequence of having "sat silent and allowed thousands to be cheated" is a punishment that far exceeds the "crime."

The international media tend to look at both sides of things, though you may have some limited success with propaganda.

It will not serve your long-term interests in Congress, however.

Anonymous said...

Well done is better than spectacularly said.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18 a.m.

"Once the world sees that you are demanding U.S. citizenship at the cost of an indigenous population and culture, popular opinion will turn against you"

English is not my first language but I started learning it from grade I, until now I'm continuously learning the language. My point is that I don't understand your premise. How will "asking for US citizenship" cost the Indigenous Population & Culture?

First and foremost, US Citizenship is not yours to give! You're lucky to be given this status, you were not a US Citizen before, so don't be selfish and insecure. Strive harder for betterment and enrich yourself with knowledge & wisdom so you won't feel threatened.

Secondly, not all Indigenous People are against the Idea. Tina, Glen, WA (politician), Mam Lupe,Pam,(not Pam Brown) and a lot of my silent local friends(requested that their names not be published) have the same christian principles.

Third, if US Citizenship will be given to qualified aliens, locals won't be stripped off their US Citizenship. So how can "it" cost you.

Fourth, culture will not in any form be compromised. Did you lose your culture when you get your US Citizenship? Do you see those Filipinos & Chinese, Mexican, Greek,Irish,etc. residing in the US celebrating, sharing their culture with everybody? Culture is in the heart. It is how you embrace and practice it. Culture will be culture anywhere you stay.

Now, the "popular opinion will turn against you". Whose popular opinion are you talking about? Yours? I still don't see the connection.

Instead of opposing, why don't you think of something better things to do if it's granted to us. Think of ideas how everybody will benefit from it, turn negative into positive. Economy will be more likely to turn around and be better, it cannot get worst.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

MR Rabbi whatever u do,do it in a right way where the indigenious people will not get hurt mentally so whatever u do think twice because its like pouring an oil in the fire where u might be affected. anyways good luck.

Anonymous said...

Splendidly done is sick than extravagantly said.

Anonymous said...

"A vast, vast majority of the locals had no power over the abusive garment owners."

what universe are you from. they sure did because election after election they voted for the status quo.