Abramoff Out of Jail

June 8, 2010

Jack Abramoff will spend the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house in the Baltimore, Maryland area. He was scheduled to be released from prison December 4, 2010, but was reportedly in transit from the Cumberland, Maryland prison to the halfway house today. The Washington Times reported:
The National Journal, citing two anonymous sources, said Mr. Abramoff will serve the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house in the Baltimore area.

U.S. Bureau of Prison spokesman Edmond Ross would not confirm the details of that report, but did say Abramoff was taken from the federal prison in Columbia, Md., and was "in transit" Tuesday. Mr. Ross added that federal prisoners typically serve the final portions of their sentences in halfway houses.
CNN and other media outlets have confirmed the story. From CNN:
Abramoff said at a 2008 sentencing hearing that he was "a broken man."
"I've fallen into an abyss," he said. "My name is the butt of a joke, the source of a laugh and the title of a scandal. ... I hope this horrible nightmare ends at some point."
Abramoff was given a lenient sentence for cooperating with federal investigators. Co-conspirator, lobbyists and former chief of staff to former Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA), Kevin Ring will go to trial for the second time next month for 8 felony counts in the Abramoff scandal.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Abramoff is a first class creep. A convicted felon. However, he has done his time and what remains to be seen is how he conducts himself. Let's hope for everyone's sake that he uses his smarts to help and not hurt

ACR said...

As you indicated, Kevin Ring will face trial in July for eight felony counts. Remember that there are two felony obstruction of justice counts against Mr. Ring that are still pending and will not be tried in July.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 1:19

We will see. I think he is the kind of person who could completely turn his life around to do good because he has the work ethic and passion. He just needs to redirect his focus away from greed and power to having a purpose and being a productive and responsible citizen.

Even the people in the CNMI who made the connection with Abramoff or got caught in his web were motivated by money and power, and not by advancing what was best for the people that they served. Look at those people that he routinely exchanged emails with and was the closest with in the CNMI. They also were motivated by personal power and greed. (Check out their houses on Saipan.)

Too bad some of the corrupt officials who took bribes from Abramoff (trips to Indian reservation and watching games in sky boxes), accepted presents and perks from him, or rigged elections (such as the CNMI speakership) never were indicted. Without consequences, it's doubtful that they will change.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the CNMI folks involved with Abramoff (and other scandals) will not turn themselves around, unless there is money to be made in turning around. I'm afraid that it is hopeless for them. We can pray the kids do better, but history shows at best they will be lazy and irrevelent or at worst, well, worse than their elders. Abramoff is smart and has the "benefit" of serving time in jail. I'm afraid that all the future holds for some of the kids here is the latter.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Casino Jack can give some pointers to Tim V,his sister and her husband, the former Director of Commerce.

Jack got a light sentence because he promised to cooperate and is getting preferential treatment because he probably did cooperate!

Tim V refused to "rat out" his boss and fellow Covenant Party crooks and is now paying a heavy price for his stupidity. Perhaps it is not too late to play ball with the feds and receive better treatment. If I were in his shoes, I would be giving it serious thought.

To compound matters, he and his co-defendants payed a lot of money to lawyers who ,even if very competent, could not have won the case. Except for David Lujan and his daughter, the other attorneys were total bozos!

Anonymous said...

You pay your money and take your chances.

Many people hire attorneys based on ethnicity rather than legal skills.

A good way to find reputable counsel is ask them who they recommend other than themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1;34 Your points are well taken.

As I recall, the initial attorneys for Tim, Kinai and James had lots of experience in criminal matters, but were not "local". They were replaced by attorneys who, it was thought, could better relate to a "local" jury.

Casino Jack Abramoff ruined the careers of several elected officials and staffers in the US Congress , stole millions of dollars from Indian Tribes and was instrumental in perpetuating a slave system in the Commonwealth for many years!He was, in short, a real scumbag but,as regards the exploitation of foreign labor in the CNMI, he had a lot of assistance from greedy politicians and their staff in the CNMI

By comparison, Tim, Kinai and James' crimes were pretty minor.

Why did our local crooks receive much longer sentences than Jack Abramoff? Is it because they had incompetent counsel or because they refused to admit guilt, cooperate with the feds and express remorse for what they did?

Jack served less than four years in a facility close to his wife and kids. Our crooks have more than five years left on their sentences, are separated from their families by the Pacific Ocean and from each other.

Given the advantage of hindsight, I bet they would do things differently if they were given a chance.