Dumb and Dumber

June 8, 2010

No need for comics in Saipan newspapers. If most of the stories and letters to the editor weren't so sad, they may be funny.

Take for example, this letter from Greg Cruz. Does he even have a clue? Cruz wrote:

The “activists” who hoped for the demise of the CNMI Labor Department have been sorely disappointed. They are particularly fearful because, if the CNMI Labor Department revokes umbrella permits, then workers are deportable within 10 days under federal law unless they can get a federal permit. Guess what? There are no federal permits at the moment, because the federal regulations were thrown out by a federal judge. So the real fear with Doromal and Syed is that they are only federal visas and when an umbrella permit is revoked, it means no jobs. Under federal law, if they are illegal for certain periods of time, they are disqualified from entering the U.S. on any improved status.

Again, I find it interesting the connections between the Interior, foreign organizations and human rights activist Wendy Doromal for it supports the hidden agenda since the beginning of our fight. As for the Interior, I was not aware that the newly installed assistant secretary Tony Babauta could give legal advice to foreign organizations on U.S. soil.

This letter is factually empty. There is no hidden agenda. There is no activist who is "fearful."

The CNMI Department of Labor CANNOT revoke umbrella permits. The federal government recognizes them as valid until November 2011. Additionally, DOL has no authority to revoke any immigration permits because that is now a federal function. THE CNMI DOL CANNOT DEPORT ANYONE! Stop the jive, the lies, the propaganda, the spin.

What is your fight, Mr. Cruz? Was it to get Dekakda to go home? Is it to maintain the broken system? Take the time to meet with federal officials and get some facts. Or you could read the questions and answers in the post below.

The CUC dilemma is another ridiculous situation that could have been avoided. The Saipan Tribune reports that Governor Fitial has declared a "state of emergency" because CUC has no money to purchase fuel and soon the lights will go out on all three islands. Even scarier is the fact that the emergency regulation gives this governor power to reprogram funds and spend as he wishes.

The governor didn't know that the CUC was broke? He didn't know that the coffers are empty?

Some recent purchases by this governor include hiring lobbyists to prevent federalization, filing an anti-federalization lawsuit in which he paid the Washington, DC law firm of Jenner and Block over $3 million, awarding a contract to Lynn Knight for an undisclosed amount (the governor and OAG continue to violate open government act requests by refusing to disclose the amount of the contract), dozens of overseas trips by CNMI officials, the hiring of "special" advisers, and funding for two indigenous offices that conduct such activities as political rallies. Priorities?

Governor Fitial doesn't seem to have a clue, but then again he was distracted by massage-gate, gun-gate, and parole-gate earlier this year. It appears that he is blaming the legislature:
Fitial said that he has repeatedly asked the Legislature to provide the CNMI with a budget that will allow for timely utility bill payments while reducing expenses in other areas so that the CNMI can live within its means.

Alternatively, the governor said he has asked the Legislature for authority to reprogram funds but the Legislature has failed to provide either.

“As a result, the CNMI now faces a crisis-electricity will stop within days because the government has failed to pay CUC for the millions of dollars of electricity and the oil producing it, which the government has consumed,” Fitial said.

The governor said that CUC has enough diesel fuel for Saipan's power needs through June 8; Tinian through June 18; and Rota through June 12.

The declaration stated that there is no alternative to providing this relief other than an order from the governor.

“Inaction will produce a disaster. A declaration of emergency would provide the governor with authority to take the necessary steps to avert the crisis,” he said.
Money seems to be scarce everywhere. It was reported that nurses on Rota were not paid and now the news is that the nurses and other medical personnel on Tinian have not been paid for two pay periods. The Retirement Fund still has not received money owed to it by the CNMI government.

The Fitial Administration has wasted millions on fighting the federal government. I just hope that the federal government will not write a check to to bail out the CNMI yet once again. A federal receivership for CUC may be necessary, but I truly hope that not one more cent of my hard-earned tax dollars is given to the CNMI government without implicit guidelines, strict conditions, and direct oversight.

The CNMI is a local government out of control. The elected leaders have shamelessly squandered away millions of dollars to push an unethical, un-American, and unjust political agenda. Then they point fingers at each other and cry when all of the money is gone. The CNMI is a local government whose leaders bash federal officials, mock and defy federal law, and then have the audacity to plead for federal dollars. I would say a federal loan may be appropriate, but please no more grants for these anti-federal, incompetent rebels.

Disclaimer: This is not a legal blog. No opinion or statement should be perceived as legal advice. All posts are the opinion of the author or contributors who are expressing their First Amendment rights.


Anonymous said...

No fuel for CUC?put Greg Cruz!he's a good alternative for fuel!!

Anonymous said...

Greg Cruz in articles of TaoTao Tano is not the real Greg Cruz. What I mean is that he does not write his on copy. I have received e-mails directly from Greg Cruz and they are poorly written with mis-spelled words, poor grammer, and poor syntax.
I think I know who does his "ghost writing" but if it is not common knowledge then I am not going to "out" the person here. I guess he approves of the copy and understands it. Of course, not having a firm grasp of English is not a sign of ignorance or lack of intellegience, however, I think it is a bit dishonest to protray yourself as someone that does have command of the language when you clearly do not.

Anonymous said...

Cinta writes for him. Maybe others also.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the US DoJ or USCIS stop this constant diarhea of the mouth from DoL, the governor and Cinta? MAybe then Cruz would shut up. Can't someone in the federal government shut them up and make it stop?

Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumber, but DUMBEST are the people who voted for Fitial.

Anonymous said...

The way to make this B.S. stop is for USCIS to issue some regs!

No amount of statements, Q & A, FAQs, or anything else has the same legal force as regulations.


By the way, someone should tell "the Teacher" that President Obama does not have the legal authority to unilaterally grant citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residence to our hard-working guest workers. It has to be done by law, enacted first by the U.S. Congress, and only then signed by him.

Anonymous said...

Above, he ddn't say unilaterally, and all know he could get that done dpending on how bad he want to, or what is worth trading for that as an attachment or rider.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 10, 2010 12:04 PM,

Why don't you identify yourself as the Teacher, instead of Anon? Ever since you defend yourself as Anon if you were opposed. Gee!, stop fooling us!

Anonymous said...

Ron Hodges said . . .

The U.S. will not likely act on immigration reform before the November 2010 elections. After the elections, President Obama will push immigration reform that may or may not happen. The president may or may not get elected for a second term. If he is re-elected, he will continue to support immigration reform if it wasn’t passed in his first term. If immigration reform doesn’t pass, or if he isn’t re-elected, I expect him to sign an 11th hour document blanketing every foreign national here with a path to U.S. citizenship. That is what I believe will happen. If you have a brighter plan, concessions to offer for the betterment of our community, or any compromise solutions, I would suggest you speak now, but remember that restricting workers or tying them to a job isn’t an option, and the only plan that lasts is a plan that works.

Letter to the Editor (June 9, 2010) (conclusion of letter)

That looks pretty unilateral to me. But a president has no power to do that. He can't just “sign an 11th hour document.” He has to sign an Act of Congress. Under our Constutition, that's who passes immigration and naturalization laws.

Hopefully Ron isn't teaching civics or government over there at MHS!

Anonymous said...

Is it so necessary to denigrate people whom you disagree with so strongly? It just pulls down the argument into the mud when this is done on this blog. Let the reader be the judge of the integrity of BenTan and Greg Cruz Fitial. Take the high road for it is the right road.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 1:09 I am assuming you are finding fault with this post and not the comments. When people behave badly, are spreading or repeating untrue and misleading information, pushing a self-serving agenda or otherwise hurting people in the community then they should be exposed. There is nothing "high" about condoning lies or ignoring actions that cause great harm to thousands of people.

Anonymous said...

Noni 1:09 Uh, it's not the argument that is in the mud. It is the administration and the people who are buying their agenda that are bringing the CNMI into the mud.

"let the reader be the judge of the integrity of BenTan and Greg Cruz Fitial." How can the reader judge anything if nothing is written?