Former Lobbyists Get New Jobs

June 22, 2010

Earlier this month Jack Abramoff, former CNMI lobbyist, was released from jail to spend the remaining six months of his sentence in a halfway house near Baltimore, Maryland. He served 43 months in federal prison.

Now it seems he has landed a job in the restaurant business. Mr. Abramoff is reportedly working at a Baltimore pizzaria called Tov's Pizza where he will be helping the Jewish owner, Ron Rosenbluth, with marketing. From Jewish Times executive editor Phil Jacobs:
Mr. Rosenbluth said that taking a fellow Jew and giving him a fresh start is part of what Judaism stands for. He said that he was happy that Tov Pizza could be that place where Abramoff could begin his healing journey back.

“We’re all Jews, we’re all on the same team,” said Mr. Rosenbluth. “I’m more than happy to help a fellow Jew in any way I can.”

While he cannot be interviewed at this time, Abramoff has made it no secret that he considers Mr. Rosenbluth a “tzaddik,” or righteous individual, for all he does for the community and especially for him.
Abramoff previously owned the upscale Washington, DC restaurant called Signatures where he entertained  politicians and others.  It was "Let's Make a Deal" central for lobbyists and members of Congress seeking political campaign contributions in exchange for supporting legislation that was favorable to Abramoff clients back in the day.  Many of Abramoff's fellow lobbyists, congressional staffers, and former members of Congress who were arrested in the Abramoff scandal were treated to free meals at the restaurant according to their indictments.

Abramoff also owned a kosher restauarnt called Stacks, which was located in Washington, DC.

While Abramoff took responsibility for his crimes, apologized and expressed regret, his co-conspirator and former lobbyist Kevin Ring has not.

Ring, Former Rep. John Doolittle's former chief of staff, produced an article akin to a public pity fest while assuming his new role as author. The Ring article, A Different Kind of Father's Day, was published in Father Magazine.  The unapologetic Ring wrote about how his two daughters "saved his life" after the FBI raided his home and his world collapsed around him. Writes Ring:
This essay is different. It’s a tribute from, not to a dad. It is about the gift of fatherhood, and about how two little girls saved my life.

The relevant part of the story began two years ago when my mother died. Shortly thereafter, the FBI raided my house (as part of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal) and my wife asked for a divorce. Then my father died. Months later, I was indicted, arrested, and hauled away from my house in handcuffs. I fell down walking my dog and separated my shoulder. I recovered in time to stand trial in federal court on eight felony counts. After a six-week trial, the jury hung on all counts. And then my wife moved out.

No, I am not kidding. That all happened.
Yes, breaking the law has consequences. Ring's retrial is scheduled for next month.

Ring's article was a pathetic rant in which he attempts to convince himself what a good guy he is even though he has refused to accept responsibility for his criminal acts and is unapologetic.

If he is looking for sympathy for the FBI raid or for his misery, much of which seems to be the consequences for breaking the law, he gets none from me. I hope he spends years in prison so he can think about all of the people that he has harmed.

Mr. Ring may care about his two little girls, which is praiseworthy, but his work with Abramoff and the CNMI resulted in the destruction of the lives of many hundreds of children and their families. Mr. Ring may want to consider how his lies in covering up labor and human rights abuses and his work to block reform legislation with co-conspirator slime like former Reps. Doolittle, Delay, Pombo, and Schaffer, Rep. Young, and other despicable U.S. Congressmen resulted in the perpetuation of abuses and the suffering of thousands of foreign contract workers and their children.

Maybe Ring would like to answer to the young girls who were victims of human trafficking. One was 14 when she was trafficked to the CNMI and forced to perform sex acts on stage and sold into prostitution. The CNMI, their evil lobbyists and Congressman Ralph Hall attacked her to cover up their lie that there were no abuses, it was all just "old news" and the fantasy of some advocates.  Some of the co-liars are also fathers, making their acts even more twisted and sick.

Perhaps Ring has a solution to the thousands of U.S. citizen children who lay awake at night knowing that at any moment their nonresident parents could be sent back to the homelands where they have no more connections, no jobs, and no future. Maybe he could explain how his actions helped endorse an evil labor system that has allowed children to stay in the CNMI while their parents were sent back to homelands. I would like to hear him explain why there are $6.1 million in unpaid wages owed to foreign contract workers, most of them fathers trying to support their children.

Until Kevin Ring admits his guilt, takes responsibility for his actions, apologizes and sets a real example for his own children and others, he gets no sympathy from me.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like honest work for a change. I can't imagine him doing anything too illegal with pizza.

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The Saipan Blogger said...

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Wendy said...

Sorry -I must have hit publish instead of reject. That person send similar ignorant messages almost every day.

Anonymous said...

A former brilliant lobbyist and political tactician now works in a pizza parlor. Can you please leave the man alone?

Wendy said...

Anonymous 1:22

Get real. More like a brilliant scammer and a tactical liar.

Did you also write a comment to the other 250 news outlets and bloggers that wrote about this news and request that they leave him alone?