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June 20, 2010

Rosemond Santos Resigns as Chief Prosecutor
The Saipan Tribune reported that Rosemond Blanco Santos, chief prosecutor in the Office of the Attorney General had a falling out with AG Buckingham and resigned. Since she was appointed as chief prosecutor in January 2010 there has been an exodus of attorneys from the OAG. According to the Tribune:
“She actually quit because AG Buckingham stood his ground and didn't give in to her,” one source said.

The source said Buckingham may tap assistant attorney general Mike Ernest to serve as acting chief prosecutor.

Since Santos' appointment, five prosecutors at the Criminal Division have left: George Hasselback, Katie Busenkell, Mike Evangelista, and Joseph Przyuski.
Convicted Rapist-Kidnapper Applies for Parole
The Marianas Variety reports that Jose O. Rabauliman who was sentenced in 2000 for the rape, assault and battery and kidnapping of two Chinese foreign contract worker-victims will have a parole hearing June 25. The crime was committed on March 28, 1998.

The defense attorneys claimed that the women were prostitutes and were not raped, but prosecutor James Benedetto pointed out that one woman's shoe was found at the Horiguchi Building where they were kidnapped, one woman's pants were torn on both sides, and the women had fingerprint bruises on their bodies.

In 2000 the Saipan Tribune reported on the sentencing of Rabauliman and Renguul:
Judge Manibusan said there was no doubt at all that the two committed one of the most serious crimes in the Commonwealth when they kidnapped, raped, tortured, and terrorized Wang-Quin Li and Hong- Jin Wang.

"One can only see that only animals can do these things -- those without human intelligence. The act of kidnapping someone from the streets of this small community is akin to an act by terrorist," he said.

The two men will serve the following sentence consecutively for the crimes they have been earlier convicted of: rape, five years; oral copulation, five years; and kidnapping, 10 years each for the two women.

"What happened to the two young men in the early morning hours of March 28, 1998? What made them act that way they did? Peer pressure, boredom or sense of adventure? Whatever it was, there was distinctly no excuse for such act," Judge Manibusan said.
Although both men were educated, they lost their jobs because of absenteeism and did not do anything but to hang out with friends.

Ms. Li and Ms. Wang were on their way back to their staff house after eating at J’s Restaurant when the they were grabbed by four men on board a van in front of Horiguchi Building. The two women used to work as masseuse in Caesar’s Sauna.

The victims were brought to Suicide Cliff Look-Out Post in Marpi where the men took turns in raping them. The two women said they screamed for help and fought back, they begged and pleaded to let them go but the men did not listen.

Luckily, Korean national Agustine Chong saw the incident while walking toward Suicide Cliff and called 911. The police immediately responded and rescued the women from more serious harm.

Before he issued the sentence, Judge Manibusan said he is giving both Mr. Rabauliman and Mr. Renguul enough time to reflect and decide what to do with their lives. "You can go to school and get a degree so that when you come out of prison, you will be wholesome members of this community. But it will be sometime in the future. It will be up to you to make that choice," he said.
The judge sentenced them to thirty years for a reason. That sentence should not be reduced. Thirty years for kidnapping, assault and battery, and rape is not even a long sentence.  This violent criminal should not walk out of prison even one second before the thirty years is up.

The Marianas Variety reported: "Board of Parole Chairman Ramon B. Camacho is asking members of the public to call the parole board office at 664-3300 or 3302 if they have any question or information about Rabauliman’s application."

I hope that some leaders of women's and victim's rights groups, some leaders from the Chinese community, and some decent citizens will show up to testify against giving this criminal parole.


Saipan Writer said...

I was hoping you had comments from people who knew something about Rosemond's resignation. I'm surprised by it. I had heard that she might possibly be made second in command at the AG's office and moved out of criminal. Obviously that scuttlebutt was wrong. But her resignation is so sudden and extreme, I'm wondering what is behind it.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take much, based on the other attorneys' experiences as documented, that Rosemond's departure was as a result of another power check with Ed. But there were performance issues with Rosemond from the start. Now Mike Ernest is the best option for our Commonwealth?

Of more concern is the parole hearing for Rabauliman. You can be sure that the Administration will push for parole due to the family/cultural connections. How many Rabaulimans do you see in the administration? Make the links to Ben and you'll know what will happen on June 25th.

Did they go to school in prison? What rehabilitation took place?

Isa said...

Please share this list of Saipan's Rapists and Pedophiles with your readers.

Wendy said...

Dear Isa

I just read this list earlier today and was going to ask if I could reproduce it here! Thanks so much.

You have done what the DPS should have done and are providing a service to those people who want to protect their children and themselves from sexual predators. Maybe someone will add the names of those who have sexually abused adults too. I will make a link to your list on the sidebar here too.

The Saipan Blogger said...

That list is nuts. I clicked through all the links...there is nothing from the 1980's or 1990's. Where can you find that information? The courthouse?

Wendy said...

Hi Angelo

I am sure the list was made using archives of the newspaper which go back to 1998. At least it's a start. The DPS would have that information. They were supposed to post the names of sexual predators.

Anonymous said...

The Monday, October 20th, 2008 Saipan Tribune Article:
"The Sex Offender Registry Unit would like to notify all convicted sex offenders in the CNMI to update registration files before Oct. 24, 2008 by 4:30pm at the SOR office, located at DPS Central Office in Susupe."
20 months later and what? More rapes and kidnappings. More dangerous sex offenders living next door? What is going to be the excuse the next time a known sex offender takes a little girl out in the woods. The last one got lucky, the next one maybe not.
I appreciate the person that put together the above list. I know it takes much time and effort. However, the official list exists. It is just not being released. I would like to know if any people on your list are "left off" their list.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 8:18

Yes, "Isa" took a great deal of time to compile the list.

I did some research and posted on the latest post (above) about the sex offender registry law. The US DoJ should be enforcing this law. The federal law states that the registry should have been implemented by July 2009. So far there is none in the CNMI.

The law states that any request for extension must be made by April 2009 and there can be two extensions of a year each with an explanation of their efforts and why an extension is needed. Did the CNMI request an extension? Maybe. Maybe not. We have a better chance of getting information from the US DoJ than the DPS or OAG.

Anonymous said...

forgot lino tenorio

Anonymous said...

That list by Isa is not from the registry. The "notes" are neither accurate nor factual. Many are missing. Names are included and registration is not corroborated. You should confirm Isa's post before posting it or endorsing it.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 2:34

Hello? No it is not from the registry. It looks like it was compiled (as previously stated) from archives of a newspaper. It is a list. The author does not make a claim that it is a registry or from a registry, which by the way appears to be secret.

Why don't you go to the site, Isa Dr. and read what is written about the list. The author does not claim that it is from the registry and invites additions and comments. Each name on the list is also a link to a corresponding newspaper article. No one endorsed it as anything but a list compiled by a concerned person. I am going to assume that YOU are going to inquire as to why there is no OFFICIAL list! Right?

Isa said...

I had several suggestions from Saipan Writer and updated the list. The list is nothing more than a list of newspaper articles. The list does not make any claims that have not already been published on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

The point is just because it is reported in the newspaper does not equate to a SORNA registration. Isa should check with the DPS folks responsible for SORNA enforcement and corroborate/verify rather than post inaccuracies and then disclaim accuracy.

Anonymous said...

Lock them up. Deport all the non US Citizens immediately after they serve a long and painful prison term.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 3:20

The point is this -Isa did NOT claim to have created a SORNA registry or any kind of registry. That is what the CNMI should have done and posted. Isa crteated a LIST of some those who have been arrested in the CNMI for rape or sexual assault based on newspaper articles. It was created because the CNMI has FAILED to create and publish the required SORNA registry. What don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

The point is believing that Isa's posting is correct. What if Isa names a person as an offender who would not be listed? How is that for the person who plead guilty to an offense but it is not a conviction requiring registration under SORNA? How do you unring the bell? Verify postings before allowing them to come in unfiltered.

Wendy said...

Anonymous 12:04

No, the point is that I am not your secretary. I posted a comment by "Isa" that had a link to an UNOFFICIAL list of rapists. Each name had a link to the newspaper story about their offenses/charges and or conviction. Are they required to be registered sex offenders? We don't know that because there is no public registry from the CNMI. If you want to crosscheck Isa's list and verify that every name listed with a link to a newspaper story is correct, please do. There was never a statement that the list corresponded to any SORNA registration that no one in the public has access to right now because it is not published.

The REAL point is that there is an ever increasing number of rapes on Saipan and it seems that females and especially children are in danger if they risk walking alone or even if they are being held at the juvenile detention center. Something needs to be done to stop the epidemic of rapes. Has the public heard from the DPS, the AG or the governor's office regarding the increase in sexual assault and rapes? That is the point.

Captain said...

Wendy, I think most in the community do recognize the names and the offenses.
But many may not have had any follow up to the outcome of any trial etc.
Same goes for many in the cop-shop that have been arrested of crimes.
It seems that most of these arrests concerning "locals" and connected are not followed through in the news media as no info is given out.
I also know of many other past convicted "sex" offender from many years ago that have served their time and is/has been working in the Govt. Thier names are not on the "list"
I believe that it was stated somewhere that there was about 1k of convicted "sex offenders" in the NMI that were required to register.
This, if true, is astounding if taken into consideration ratio wise on the amount of resident in the NMI, and if broken down to nationalities.
But until this Govt. (DPS)gets to work and post this info it will be for naught.
Maybe they (or the respective agency responsible, have to hire someone who is computer literate, and can read and write and not a political appointee (flunky)